• PASAR Frequently Asked Questions

  • What device can I register for PASAR on?

    PASAR now uses Eleyo, a convenient mobile-friendly online tool to register and manage your account from any device, including your smartphone or tablet.

  • After I pay my registration fee for PASAR what do I do next?

    After the PASAR Contract is approved and the registration fee(s) has been paid, the weekly tuition payment must be made by the start date selected when registering.  Please notify your student's teacher when they will begin attending PASAR.

  • How do I pay my weekly tuition, and when is the tuition due?

    PASAR is a pre-paid program. The weekly tuition is due each Friday for the following week.

    All payments are made on-line by logging into your Eleyo PASAR Account.

  • How do I update who can pick up my child from PASAR

    To update authorized pickups, please log into your Eleyo Account  and select the desired Child Care Account under "Your Accounts" and then the desired contract.

    To Manage Authorized Pickups

    • On the left, select "Manage Authorized Pickups."
    • From there, you may change existing details in the corresponding fields for a current pickup or use the "Add Authorized Pickup" to add a new person.  
    • To delete an existing pickup, use the "Remove" icon.
    • When complete, select "Save Authorized Pickups."

    To Manager Emergency Contacts:

    • Login to your Eleyo Account and scroll down to "Manage Family Members"
    • For each student, select "Edit Emergency Contacts"
    • To add a new Emergency Contact, use "Add Emergency Contact" (if they exist in the system, you can select from the list that is presented)
    • Use the "Edit" pencil icon to update an existing contact
    • Use the red "Remvoe" icon to delete/remove exisiting contact

    For more than one student, repeat the steps for each student, making sure to select the "Save Authorized Pickups" for each.

  • Can I authorize an older child to pick up my PASAR student?

    If you have an older child between the ages of 13-18 years, you may authorize the child to pick up your student from PASAR you must print and complete the PASAR Under 18 Pick-Up form After the form is notarized, turn the original to your PASAR Site Manager.

    The 13-18 year old student must be on the authorized pick up list. A picture ID of the older student must be shown each time they are picking up the PASAR student.

  • What device can I register for PASAR on?

    PASAR now uses Eleyo, a convenient mobile-friendly online tool to register and manage your account from any device, including your smartphone or tablet.

  • For my income taxes, how do I know how much I paid?

    Income Tax Information

    Account owners that have made at least one payment in the system can use the Download Tax Information button from the Account Management Tools to obtain a copy of the tax statement report.  Payments on the tax statements are categorized by payer.

    Receipts can be downloaded from the Your History section online. Receipts are only visible to the person that made the specific payment (not by all account owners).

  • How do you separate the students during PASAR?

    The students are separated by grade level during the PASAR time.  

  • How will my students teacher know they will be attending PASAR?

    As a parent, you are responsible for notifying your student's teacher. 

  • What is a typical day in PASAR?

    • Attendance
    • Academic period is offered
    • STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Board Games
    • Gym or Outside Games (weather permitting)
    • Daily Snack
    • Relaxation Time

  • Do I need to fill out the medical action plans?

    If your child does not have a physician's directive concerning any medical concerns, no. Only parents who have a physician's directive concerning their child's medical/allergy action plan need to complete an action plan every year.

  • Do you offer care on early release days?

    PASAR will start immediately after school on early release days. There is no additional charge for PASAR on the PISD early release days.

  • What is Non School Day Care?

    Non-School Day Care is an optional service PASAR offers on non-instructional school days.

    • The Non-School Day Care fees can be found on the Non School Day Care web page.
    • Registration for Non-School Day Care will occur online via Eleyo
    • Non-School Day Care operation hours are 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 
    • If you sign up as your student and do not cancel by withdrawing from Non-School Day Care by the deadline, you will be charged for the Non-School Day Care fees.

  • What type of snacks do the children receive?

    For PASAR After-School Care (Monday-Friday), it is the parents' responsibility to provide a snack and water bottle daily (labeled with the first and last name of the student), as a daily snack is not provided.

    PASAR provides a special snack to coincide with a themed day included in the PASAR monthly calendar.

    It is the parents' responsibility to provide lunch, two snacks and a water bottle (labeled with the first and last name of the student), as food is not provided by the Summer PASAR sites or Non-School Day Care Sites. 

    Please keep in mind, PASAR sites are a nut free zone when preparing and sending food from home. Healthy, nutritionally-balanced lunches and snacks are encouraged

  • Can I send my own snacks if my child is allergic to the snack PASAR provides?

    If your child has severe food allergies and has a medical action plan on file please send an appropriate snack for your child.

  • My student is in Pre-K. Can he/she participate in Summer PASAR before he/she begins Kindergarten?

    Summer PASAR is available for PISD students who have completed Pre-K - 5th grade. 

  • What are the advantages of having my child participate in PASAR?


    • PASAR provides a safe environment on the child's home campus - no traveling in buses or vans.
    • Employees have been cleared through a security and background check and receive ongoing safety and behavior management training.


    • Students receive homework guidance and supervision with certified teachers.

    After-school Activities

    • Children can participate in regular school activities, tutorials and clubs before going to PASAR.

    Fine Arts

    Students participate in structured fine arts activities and board games.

    Test Skills Reinforcement

    • Test taking and study skills are reinforced in the summer program.

    STEM activities

    • (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

    Non-School Day Care/Summer Care

    • Non-School Day Care and Summer Care operation hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • How Do I Apply to Work In PASAR?

    Every employee must complete the online PISD application. Submission of your application does not guarantee an interview with PASAR. Login into the online application and begin the Plano ISD new applicant registration.

    • Identify PASAR activity specialist role in which you will apply. Complete all questions thoroughly and completely.
    • Incomplete applications will not be processed. 
    • Applications remain active for one year unless you update your application using the same login and password.
    • All staff will have a background and fingerprint check through PISD - Safety and Security Department.