• Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year will begin July 25, 2019, at 8:30 a.m.

    PASAR's Summer Program is:

    • Held Monday through Friday. 
    • Includes weekly field trips, arts, and crafts. 
    • Two hours of academic time (Monday through Thursday) to help maintain your child's skills.
    • Plano ISD certified teachers are available to reinforce academic skills. 

    Summer Fees:

    • Rates are per student.
    • No multiple student discounts are offered.
    • No drop-in care is offered for summer.
    • Late pick-up fees are incurred when students are picked up after PASAR hours: $25 for the first 10 minutes and $1.00 for each additional minute until the student is picked up.

Summer Rates

Week Dates School
Standard Employee
1 June 3-7 Rasor May 16 $190 $175
2 June 10-14 Rasor May 23 $190 $175
3 June 17-21 Rasor May 30 $190 $175
4 June 24-28 Hedgcoxe June 6 $190 $175
5 July 1-3
(closed July 4 and 5)
Hedgcoxe June 13 $115 $105
6 July 8-12 Hedgcoxe June 20 $190 $175
7 July 15-19 Rasor June 27 $190 $175
8 July 22-26 Rasor July 11 $190 $175
9 July 29-Aug 2 Rasor July 18 $190 $175
  • Parent Handbook, Operational Policies and Required Checklist

    2019 Summer Parent Handbook

    2019 Operational Policies Handbook

    2019 Parent Checklist 

  • Summer PASAR Finance Handbook/Service Agreement

    Plano ISD Apple Logo

    • Deadlines to enroll and/or cancel are firm.
    • No drop-ins or multiple student discounts are offered for Summer PASAR.
    • Visit forms, fees, deadlines to enroll or cancel.


    • Google Chrome is the required browser for TEAMS PSS. Mobile devices cannot be used.
    • Summer enrollment occurs online inside the Parent Portal by parents/legal guardians.
    • Inside the portal, scroll to Program Enrollment & Payments > Click on TEAMS PSS Program Enrollment & Payments > Click on ASC Summer Registration tab.
    • Each enrollment requires the full amount of tuition to be paid in order for the student to be officially enrolled in the program.  Enrollment weeks may be split but requires logging on again to the parent portal and following directions above.
    • For any parent/guardian who has an outstanding balance, this balance + summer tuition for week(s) enrolled must be paid online at the time of summer enrollment for summer enrollment to be successful.
    • No registration fee is charged for Summer PASAR – only the weekly fee(s).
    • Important: Paying summer tuition at the ASC Payment tab inside the portal does not enroll your student for Summer PASAR.  This tab only accepts payments online – no enrollment occurs.


    • Important: Cancellation of summer week(s) cannot occur online.
    • Follow the instructions at the top of the Cancellation Request form found on our Website.
    • A credit will be issued to the account for the canceled week(s), less the $25 cancellation fee, if submitted by the deadline.


    • Summer PASAR closes at 6:30 PM, Monday-Thursday, and at 6:00 PM on Fridays.
    • Students picked up past closing times are charged a late pick-up fee of $25 when picked up 1-10 minutes past 6:30 p.m., on Monday-Thursday or past 6:00 PM on all Fridays. A fee of $1 is charged for each additional minute, past the first 10 minutes, until the student is picked up.


    • Employees –
      • For the PISD employee to receive the discounted employee tuition rate, the employee MUST be the parent enrolling online and the PASAR financially responsible customer.
      • The parent/legal guardian must be a contracted, full-time PISD employee and the student must be linked to the employee ID at time of enrollment.  Employment is verified online.
    • Free Lunch or Reduced Lunch Tuition Plan –
      • If the student qualifies for free or reduced lunches, this status will be indicated in the online enrollment system automatically.


    • Monthly statements are available online inside the Parent Portal via the ASC Statement tab. 


    • Customers with credit balances from a cancellation will be issued a refund, less the $25 cancellation fee. Refunds are processed monthly. The refund will be issued to the customer online via the credit/debit card used for the summer payment. An email from the bank will be sent to the customer when the refund is processed.

    PLANO ISD - Agreement of Services for Summer PASAR 2019

    Please read each statement below carefully to ensure you are fully aware and understand what your responsibilities are:

    1. It is my responsibility to obtain, read and follow all financial procedures and rules as stated in the PASAR Summer Finance Handbook and the Program Parent Handbook found on the PASAR Summer website at www.pisd.edu/pasar

    2. By enrolling online and paying the required summer tuition fees, my student is officially enrolled in Summer PASAR.

    3. I am financially responsible for the week(s) of Summer PASAR I enroll for, regardless of my student’s attendance.

    4. If additional week(s) of Summer PASAR are needed, after the initial enrollment in summer, I must log on to the Parent Portal, enroll and pay under the “ASC Summer Registration” tab. Making a payment online at the “ASC Payment” tab does not enroll my student for additional weeks of Summer PASAR. The “ASC Payment” tab is only used for late pickup payments during Summer PASAR.

    5. Cancellation of summer week(s) cannot occur online. To cancel, I must complete the Cancellation Request Form found on the PASAR website and submit to the Finance Office by the established deadline(s). The credit for the canceled week(s) cannot be used for another week of summer enrollment. A credit will be issued to the PASAR account for the canceled week(s), less the $25 cancellation fee. A refund will be issued within 5 business days via the credit/debit card used at the time of initial enrollment. An email notification will be sent when the refund is issued.

  • Hours

    7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. - Monday - Thursday and 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Fridays.
    PASAR will be closed July 4th and 5th.

  • Transportation

    Transportation is not available for Summer PASAR. 

  • Field Trips

    Information and parent permission forms will be available at the Summer PASAR campus. Signed permission slips are mandatory to participate in the Summer PASAR field trips. All students must attend field trips whether they choose to participate or not.

    *Complete information about all field trips and permission slips will be distributed by the Summer PASAR campus. Children who do not want to participate in the designated field trips are required to accompany the group to the field trip location since all staff will be supervising the event.

    Summer 2019 Field Trips  

    6-7-2019: Chuck E Cheese, Plano
    6-14-2019: Dallas Arboretum, Dallas
    6-21-2019: Crayola Experience, Plano
    6-28-2019: Plano Center- Dallas Cirque Theater -- Celebration Circus Show, Plano

    7-12-2019: Adventure Landing, Plano
    7-19-2019: Plano Superbowl, Plano
    7-26-2019: Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas

    8-1-2019: Willow Bend Mall: North Texas Performing Arts: James and Giant Peach play, Plano

    * field trips may change

  • Lunch and Snacks

    PM snack menu (coming soon)

    Daily lunches, morning snack, and afternoon snack will be provided. The snack and lunch menus will be posted at the PASAR desk. 
    PASAR will provide a sack lunch on field trip day when applicable.

  • Holidays

    Summer PASAR will be closed on Thursday and Friday, July 4 and 5, 2019.

  • Medical Action Plans

    If your child requires medical attention from a physician's directive, complete the appropriate action plan. Plans must be completed every year. You must have a plan on file for Summer PASAR. See Medical Action Plan page for more . 

  • Guardianship/Custody Papers

    Parents/guardians are responsible for providing any guardianship/custody papers to the PASAR Site Manager each school year. This paperwork is for the safety of each child in our care. The paperwork must be on file within two days of enrollment in the program. To be valid, the paperwork must be complete with the court filing date and judge’s signature.

  • Colorful Summer PASAR Logo with Sun

  • Summer LocationRasor Elementary
    (June 3- June 21 and July 15- August 2)
    945 Hedgcoxe Road
    Plano, TX 75025
    PASAR Cell Phone: 214-263-7946
    PASAR Office Phone: 469-752-2962

    Hedgcoxe Elementary
    (June 24 through July 12)
    7701 Prescott
    Plano, TX.75025
    PASAR Cell Phone: 214-263-7946

    Summer HoursMon-Thurs 7:00 AM-6:30 PM
    Fridays 7:00 AM-6:00 PM
    PASAR will not be offered July 4th and 5th