• Welcome to the Clark Library!

    Clark High School Library offers students and staff print resources in the form of books, magazines, reference titles, and a robust collection of e-books, and access to 50+ online resources. The Clark Library welcomes all to consult and collaborate with the librarian, study, work in groups, use computers for assignments and research, print in black and white or color, read current magazines, and explore literature. 

    To look at your Library Account

    1. Go to WebDesk 
    2. Select Koha 
    3. Enter your PISD UN & PW

    Join our Library Google Classroom!

    Stop by the library for the class code. 

  • Hours

    8:20 AM - 4:45 PM (Monday - Friday)


  • Library Expectations

    • Upon arrival, check-in with e-hallpass
    • Engage in school related work
    • Leave food and drink outside the library
    • Use considerate voice and behavior
    • Ask for assistance anytime!
Reeta Shah
Library Assistant