• Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

  • History of Plano JROTC

    The Wildcat Battalion, Army Junior Reserve Officer Corps, was established at Plano High School in School Year 1974 - 1975.
    The program owes its existence to the efforts of Mr. Bob Patton, member of the Board of Trustees, who championed its establishment in Plano Independent School District. The program (battalion) enrolled its first cadets under the direction of Colonel Curtis Fish, the first Senior Army Instructor. In 1975 with the completion of the new Senior High School campus, the battalion expanded to include cadets from Vines and Williams High Schools. In 1981 the battalion participated in the establishment of the Panther Battalion at Plano East Senior High School and the addition of cadets from Clark High School. Hence, the Wildcat Battalion organization changed to include cadets from Vines and shared cadets from Clark High School with the Panther Battalion. In 1997 Shepton High School opened and the battalion's organization changed to include cadets from the Senior High School and Shepton and Vines High Schools. Yet again in 1999, the battalion participated in the establishment of Wolf Battalion of Plano West High School. The organization of the battalion thus changed to a configuration of cadets from the Senior High, Vines High School and sharing of cadets from Jasper High School. However, in 2011, McMillen High School opened, leading to rezonings in PISD and leaving us with our current configuration of cadets from Plano Senior, Vines High School and Clark High School.


    Never has a cadet in the Wildcat Battalion not worn a "Gold or Blue Star" above their right pocket. In thirty-one years of being evaluated by formal inspection the battalion has been rated "Honor Unit with Distinction", the highest rating - 12 times and "Honor Unit", the second highest - 6.

    Senior Army Instructors

    Colonel Curtis D. Fish 1973 to 1981
    Master Sergeant James D. Morse 1981 to 1987
    Major Jere L. Atchison, Jr. 1987 to 2004
    Lieutenant Colonel Barry Rhoden 2004- Present

    Army Instructors

    Master Sergeant Don Losawyer 1975 to 1979
    Sergeant Major Eugene Marvin 1975 to 1980
    Master Sergeant James D. Morse 1976 to 1981
    Master Sergeant Burleson 1979 to 1987
    Master Sergeant Dick Light 1980 to 1981
    Master Sergeant James D. Morse 1987 to 1997
    First Sergeant Mark M. Moore 1997 to 2001

    Sergeant First Class John J. Kell Sr. 2015 to 2019
    First Sergeant Nicolas B. Hill 2001 to present

    Classes at Vines High School

    1st Period  0900-0950

    2nd Period  0955-1050

    Classes at Plano Senior High School

    3rd Period  1055-1145

    Classes at Clark High School

    5th Period  1341-1429  (1:41-2:29)

    6th Period  1434-1522  (2:34-3:22)

    7th Period  1527-1615  (3:27-4:15

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