• Attendance


    Parents/guardians must always send a note when their child has been absent. A student has 3 days after an absence to turn in a note (with an excusable reason) to receive an excused absence. Phone calls are only place holders and do not clear absences. A written note, via email or paper form, is always needed. Emails can be sent to toni.junio@pisd.edu

    Notes should include students name, ID number, reason, and date of absence.  

    Leaving School:

    If a student becomes ill while at school, they should go to the nurse's office and the nurse will contact the parents if needed. Parents must come into the office to sign the student out before they are allowed to leave campus. The parent/guardian must send an excuse note within 3 days. The note can be written at the attendance window at the time of pickup, but the sign-out signature does not count as the note.


    Late Arrivals and Early Releases:

    Students must sign in and out at the attendance office any time they arrive or leave campus outside of the morning and afternoon drop-off and pickup times. Failure to sign in or out is considered an attendance violation.

    Doctor Appointments:

    If your student must leave school early, please send a note with them, or through email, so they can be released from class. Parents must come into the office to sign their leaving student out. Upon returning to campus, please bring an Official Doctors note verifying the appointment. Parents are not required to come into the building when they drop off students.

    Other Absences: 

    Non- School activities must be pre-approved by the principal in order for the student to make up missed work. The form, on the forms tab, needs to be completed and turned in before the absence. These absences are considered unexcused with make-up work allowed.