• Student Absence Request Form

    If your McMillen High School Student is going to be absent, please fill out the "Student Absence Request" form and submit the form to our principal no later than one week before the requested date of the absence.

    Student Absence Request Form

    Please utilize the attachment for all requests and send your completed request form to our Attendance Specialist, Patricia Campos.


    ATTENDANCE POLICY: Regular attendance in school is essential for a quality education. We encourage your student to be present every day. Excused absences include temporary absence resulting from personal illness or death in the family, weather, or road conditions making travel dangerous. Absences such as vacations and trips, baby-sitting, working, non-school sponsored athletic events and programs shall be considered unexcused.

    In order for a student to make up and receive credit for work assigned during an unexcused absence, the student must submit one week in advance a written notification of the planned absence to the principal. When no prior notification is given, student shall receive a zero for all work assigned during the absence.