• Athletics - McMillen High School

    Water Bottles allowed this week and next week

  • McMillen Athletics’ Mission Statement

    "Dream – Believe – Achieve"

    The mission of the McMillen athletic program is to offer all students the opportunity to work in cooperation with others to achieve their teams’ athletic potential, as well as their individual athletic potential, while emphasizing academic achievement and developing integrity, positive attitude, perseverance, responsibility, and the art of goal setting.

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  • Beliefs

    1. The combination of sports and academics can be a tremendous experience in a young person’s life. A broad and sound sports program for all students can provide invaluable experiences for the student athlete. 
    2. It is important to see athletics as a part of the total educational program. It should complement and contribute to the overall educational process.
  • Strategic Goals

    • Developing the total student: academically, socially, and physically.
    • Encouraging the student athlete to achieve academic success.
    • Creating a climate for developing a strong, wholesome self-concept.
    • Teaching all student athletes personal acceptance of responsibility.
    • Teaching all students the importance of each and every team member.
    • Developing an appreciation for the team concept.
    • Developing an appreciation for sportsmanship.
    • Reaching a competitive level in each sport.
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