• Welcome to Cougar Baseball! 

    Here at Clark our baseball team is comprised of freshman and sophomores, with some sophomores playing JV at Plano Senior High School.  Baseball at Clark is held after school during the second semester.  Baseball tryouts for the regular season will be held in the second semester for both freshman and sophomore participants.

    Plano Senior High School does offer an off-season baseball program for both freshman and sophomores.  Tryouts are required for admittance into the off-season program.  If your student does not make the off-season program, they will then be required to enroll in a different seventh-period class.  

    The baseball program here at Clark is an extension of Plano Senior High School.  The development of young players both in the classroom and on the field is rooted into the foundation here at Clark.  We are excited about this upcoming season, as Clark strives for a district championship.

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