• Football

  • All players must provide an approved physical form before participating. Students who participated in football the previous year must be enrolled in seventh period athletics. No tryouts are required for these students. Tenth grade students who were not in the football program the previous school year and did not participate in spring football practice must have approval from Coach Kailey to tryout. These students will not enroll in the athletic period until a decision is rendered from the tryout. Tryouts will be held during the two weeks before school starts and continue after school during the first two weeks of the school year. Students may be dropped from the program during the first weeks of each semester for violation of policies, rules, or regulations or based upon the student’s lack of desire to continue participation. Cuts will be made in these circumstances. Compliance with all dress, grooming, and conduct guidelines is required. The only equipment you need to provide is football shoes, preferably one pair for grass and one for artificial turf. There are two teams for ninth grade students and one team for tenth grade students.

Tom Kailey