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    Joy Prather - Librarian

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  • When is the library open?

    The library is open virtually 24/7 through the website.

    Due to needing to keep the door locked at all times, the library is currently only open for scheduled classes and all day on Mondays. If a student needs a new book and it's not checkout time, the student may email Mrs. Prather directly to request whatever book is needed or figure out another time to stop by.

  • How many items can I check out and when are they due?

    You may check out 3 items at a time.

    You may have the items for 3 weeks and then renew 1 more time, unless someone has placed a hold on the book. Then the book must returned at the end of that checkout cycle.

    Due to their popularity, graphic novels and mangas cannot be renewed.

  • Can I check out magazines?

    Yes! You may take one magazine at a time for one week checkout. There is a plastic cover to protect the magazine. If the one you get does not have that, please come to the circulation desk to request one. The most recent issues are on the magazine display. Magazines are on an honor system. They do not have barcodes for checking out.

  • Can I check out reference materials or yearbooks?

    There are no reference materials anymore. 

    Yearbooks cannot leave the library for any reason because they are irreplaceable. There are a few other books that cannot leave the library, especially student written books. Those books have a sticker on them indicating they must remain in the library.

  • How do I check books in and out?

    We use self-checkout. The computers on the circulation desk are for this purpose.

    For self-checkout:

    1. Scan your ID card.
    2. Make sure it's your picture and name that comes up.
    3. Scan your books. Use the barcode that says Plano ISD.
    4. Click "Finish"

    Self-Checkout Tutorial


    Place your book in the return slot in the circulation desk or in the return bin right outside the library. The librarian or one of the student aides will check your books in.

  • How do I see what books are available in the library?

    On the library website, click on the "Otto Library Catalog Search" link. Otherwise, you can also go to the Catalog and make sure it says Otto in the drop down menu. You can also log into Koha through your webdesk. It's the green book app. There is a computer set up on the circulation desk for looking up books and one in the computer lab area of the library.

  • Can I renew items?

    Absolutely! You can renew 1 more time for up to a 6 week checkout. The only time you can't renew is if a book is on hold. You can renew on the Koha app in your webdesk, the green book app. You cannot renew graphic novels or mangas. 

  • Can I place a hold on a book?

    Yes! You can place a hold by logging into catalog.pisd.edu or by logging into your Koha account in Webdesk. Remember it's the app that is a green book. You can place up to 5 books on hold at a time. We will bring the book to your English class when it comes in. 

    Placing a Hold Tutorial

  • What if I have an overdue item?

    We do not charge late fees, however, you must return overdue items before new items can be checked out. School Messenger phone and email messages go out to parents the first Monday of each month to remind you.

  • What if I have lost or damaged my book?

    Lost or damaged books may be paid for in the library by check or cash. You will receive a receipt. If you find your lost book before the end of the school year, you will receive a refund. The refund form must be returned and signed by a parent or guardian. 

    We can also add your fee to the Rycor system in order to pay with a credit card. Please email or talk to Mrs. Prather directly to arrange this option.

    Damaged books will be levied a fee to fix or replace it.

  • Can I suggest books for future orders?

    Yes! I would love that! The library website has a form you can fill out to suggest titles or even activities or things you'd like to see in the library. I can't promise we will be able to get everything, but I will do my best. Just be aware that books that are reviewed older than middle school age will not be purchased for our library.

  • How do I access the research tools from home?

    On the library website, click on the "Research Resources." I've created some links that are specific to certain research subjects or you can select "Middle School Research Tools" for the whole list of resources. Use the login and password in this document. You must have a pisd login to access the information. This research tool login is only available to Plano ISD students and staff.

    Be aware that in the near future, research resources will become apps on your webdesk that will autheticate on their own when you click them, and you will not need a password, but the resource list will not work after that.

  • How do I find out about events in the library?

    There are 4 ways:

    1. Check the library calendar on the website.
    2. Check the library windows
    3. Pay attention to announcements
    4. Follow the library on Instagram @ottolibrary

  • What if I need help?

    1. Ask the student library aide for help.
    2. Ask the librarian, Mrs. Prather, for help as long as she's not in the middle of teaching.
    3. If there is no student library aide and Mrs. Prather is teaching, go to the shelf near Mrs. Prather's office door. You will find sticky notes and pens. Write Mrs. Prather a note with your name and what you need. Leave the note on the window for Mrs. Prather. If your problem is with a book, put the note on the book and leave it on that shelf by her office door. She'll deal with it as soon as possible.

          Getting Help Tutorial

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