• Updated Guidance Regarding Remote Learners

    The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has issued guidance that allows school districts to discontinue remote instruction to individual students with failing grades or attendance. 

    Campuses will notify parents if a student’s attendance and/or academic performance in one or more classes puts them at significant risk of severe learning loss in the PISD School@Home remote setting. A student’s lack of engagement and poor academic performance could result in a discontinuation of the remote learning environment (PISD School@Home) and the student may be required to return to the Face-to-Face learning environment. 

    According to TEA, a campus can identify students to be discontinued for remote instruction if one or both of the following are true in any class: 

    • Student has a class average of 70 or below (or the equivalent) 
    • Student has 3 or more unexcused absences in a grading period

    When students are struggling academically in the remote setting, teachers and principals will collaborate with families regarding their options before making any change to their instructional  environment. In addition, the health and safety of the student and their family should remain the primary consideration.

    When considering a discontinuation of remote (School@Home) learning for an individual student, campuses will follow the process below:

    1. Schools should review options for any student who is failing academically and/or whose attendance is below 90%. 
      Note: Truancy laws still apply to students enrolled in public school but who are not attending (either remotely or in person)
    2. Campuses/teacher(s) have communicated with parents to express academic/attendance concerns.
    3. Campus will send notice to parent(s). This notice must be sent two weeks prior to change of environment and will notify parents in writing of the intent to change the learning environment to discontinue remote learning.  
    4. If the parent appeals, the campus must hold a transition meeting with the campus team and give parents at least 3 days notice of the meeting. (The student will remain in the remote learning environment until the meeting is held.)

    Parent Appeal

    A parent or guardian may appeal the decision of the campus to discontinue the student’s access to remote instruction in one of two ways: 

    1. Submit a medical exemption. The campus must provide an opportunity for parents to email this exemption request to the campus, along with medical authorization.
    2. Request a transition meeting. If the parent requests a transition meeting, the campus will schedule the meeting with no less than 3 days notice, and must allow the student to continue to learn remotely until the meeting has been held.

    If at the conclusion of the transition meeting, the campus still does not agree that the student can be successful learning from home, the campus may require the student to transition to the on-campus, face-to-face learning environment.

    Decisions made by the campus team are final and there are no further appeals.