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Shelley Antoniou
2nd Grade
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  • Math

    Units of Study

    • Addition and Subtraction
    • Numbers to 1,200
    • More Addition and Subtraction
    • Number Patterns and Money
    • Geometry and Fractions
    • Measurement
    • Multiplication and Division
    • Data Analysis
    • Personal Financial Literacy

  • Science

    Units of Study

    • Health
    • I am a Scientist and Engineer
    • Improving a Play Dough Process
    • Earth Experts
    • Weather
    • Force and Motion
    • Designing Model Membranes
    • Animal Characteristics
    • Designing Plant Packages

  • Language Arts

    Units of Study

    • Reading

    • Grammar

    • Writing

    • Handwriting

    • Spelling

  • Social Studies

    Units of Study

    • Citizenship

    • Geography

    • Culture

    • Government

    • Economics

    • History

    • Research

    • Mind Missions


    2021-2022 School Year Calendar:

    August 11: First Day of School
    September 6-7: Student Holiday
    October 11-12: Student Holiday
    November 22-26: Thanksgiving Break 
    December 17: Last Day of first Semester
    December 20–January 4: Winter Break 
    January 5: Start of Second Semester
    January 17: Student Holiday
    February 21-22: Student Holiday
    March 7–14: Spring Break
    April 15-18: Student Holiday
    April 25: Student Holiday
    May 27: Last Day of School (Early Release)



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  • Parent Links

    School Links:

    Hedgcoxe Website

    Hedgcoxe Hounds on Facebook

    Digital Home Access:

    From a Chrome  browser, students may access their webdesk apps from home. Students will need their school login and password.

    Type in: webdesk.pisd.edu

    login: firstname.lastname.1 (a few students have a ".2")

    This will provide access to:

    • Math - Dreambox, ABCya!, & Pearson Textbook
    • Language Arts: Storyline Online & iRead
    • Science: Discovery Education
    • Social Studies: Pearson Textbook

    In addition to their personal log in, students may also need the following information to access these resources:

    Username:  planoisd

    Passwords:  connect

    These are the apps we use at school, so the students will be familiar with using them.

    Happy Learning!


    2nd Grade Daily Schedule 


    7:40-8:00 – Announcements/ Morning Meeting

    8:00-9:30 – Math

    • 8:00-8:30 –Whole Group
    • 8:30-9:30 - Small Groups

    9:30-10:40– RLA

    • 9:30-10:40- Whole Group

    10:40-11:35  Specials

    11:35-12:20 - Continue RLA/Writing

    • Small Groups

    12:20-1:20 – Lunch and Recess

    1:20 --2:35 – Science and Social Studies

    2:45 Dismissal


    Wed. 9:00 Mulvey

        9:30 Antoniou          

        2:00 Beauchamp

    Specials Schedule