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Elizabeth Whitefoot
3rd Grade
  • Special Events and Information

    Summer Newsletter -check out important summer and fall information

  • Homework


    Self-selected reading minimum of 20 minutes per night.


    Handouts/math book homework page - 5 or more problems on days sent home


    30-90 minutes per week on various Webdesk programs (Dreambox, Freckle, SplashLearn, Epic, etc.)

  • Mathematics

    Unit 1: Place Value: Addition and Subtraction

    Unit 2: Multiplication and Division

    Unit 3: Fractions

    Unit 4: Extending Multiplication

    Unit 5: Geometry and Measurement

    Unit 6: Data Analysis

    Unit 7: Personal Financial Literacy

  • Science

    Unit 1: Health

    Unit 2: Introduction to Science and Engineering

    Unit 3: Physical Science

    Unit 4: Physical Science/Designing Submersibles

    Unit 5: Organisms and Environments/Designing a Zoo

    Unit 6: Earth's Resources/Designing Water Filters

    Unit 7: Earth Surface/Evaluating a Landscape

    Unit 8: Earth Science/Space Museum

    Unit 9: Earth Science/Weather

  • Reading/Language Arts

    Unit 1: Author's Purpose and Text Structure Through Multiple Genres

    Unit 2: Recognizing and Analyzing Multiple Genres

    Unit 3: Characters, Structure, and Purpose Across Multiple Genres

    Unit 4: Deepening Comprehension in Multiple Genres

    Unit 5: Real World Connections Through Multiple Genres

    Unit 6: Genre Studies

  • Social Studies

    Unit 1: Citizenship

    Unit 2: Communities, Past and Present

    Unit 3: Community Service

    Unit 4: History

    Unit 5: Government

    Unit 6: Culture

    Unit 7: Economics

    Unit 8: Be the Change

  • Home Study

    Students may access their webdesk from home with their user name and password.  

    From the Webdesk they may use:

    Math:  Dreambox, SplashLearn, Freckle, Khan Academy, Prodigy 

    Reading:   Freckle ELA Word Study, Freckle ELA Skills Practice, Epic

  • Digital Textbooks

    Access through Webdesk.

    Reading: HMH

    Social Studies: SAVVAS

    Math: SAVVAS

    Science: Discovery Education

  • 3rd Grade Schedule


    7:30-7:40          Arrival/Morning Work/Announcements

    7:40-8:00         Morning Meeting

    8:00-8:20         PAW Time

    8:20-8:50         Literacy Whole Group

    8:50-9:40        AMPED

    9:40-10:40      Literacy Small Groups/Stations

    10:45-11:10      Math Whole Group

    11:10-11:45       Math Small Groups/Stations

    11:45-12:15       Recess

    12:15-12:45      Lunch

    12:45-1:10       Math Small Groups/Stations Continued

    1:10-2:05        Science

    2:05-2:45      Social Studies

    2:45                Dismissal