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1st Grade Teachers

Jennifer LeWinter
1st Grade
  • Character Strong

    Novemeber: Gratitude

    Week 1: Can you share or show me what Gratitude means? When someone shows you Gratitude, how does it make you feel? 

    Week 2: How does it feel to think about and share what you are Grateful for? What are 2 things you are Grateful for at school? At home? 

    Week 3: How do you know if you are showing Gratitude? Can you share a time this week when you practiced Gratitude? 

    Week 4: How are you feeling today? 

  • Summer Smore

    Visit the 1st Grade Summer Smore for more information about what is to come in 1st Grade!

  • PACE Information

    PACE Referral Information:

    The 2023-2024 referral window is now closed. 


    Questions?  Contact our campus Gifted Specialist, Amy Moore, at amy.moore3@pisd.edu.

  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

     Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS are the state standards for Texas public schools from kindergarten to year 12. They detail the curriculum requirements for each subject area. Click on the link below to explore these standards. 

    Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills 

  • Reading


    Students will understand that

    EU1 Language is written and printed in an organized manner.

    EU2 Words and images impact meaning.

    EU3 Effective readers apply the relationship between letters and sounds, and spelling patterns to decode language.

    EU4 Punctuation and grammar guide readers through the text.

    Students will be skilled at

    S1 describing plot elements.

    S2 discussing author's purpose.

    S3 connecting the main characters and reason for their actions.

    S4 recognizing the central idea and supporting evidence.

    S5 planning and composing informational text.

    S6 publishing and sharing informational writing.

    • Inquiry and Innovation

      Inquiry and Innovation 

      Students will understand that

      U1  Creativity and innovative thinking are essential life skills that can be developed.  

      U2 Creative thinking allows individuals to develop new or innovative ideas and challenge norms or current ways of thinking.

      U3 Unlearning is difficult, but helps us build adaptability skills. 

      U4 Responsible risks can be rewarding. 

      U5 “What if” questions cause us to think in ways that promote adaptability.

      Students will be skilled at

      S1 formulating questions and seeking answers. 

      S2 researching new ideas and subjects.

      S3 using age-appropriate tools and models to investigate and observe the natural world.

      S4 collecting and comparing data using pictures, numbers, and words.

      S5 making predictions based on observable patterns.  

      S6 defining a problem and designing a solution.

      S7 creating and interpreting visuals

      S8 communicating/expressing ideas based on knowledge, experiences, and observations and providing reasons.

    • Math


      Students will understand that

      U1 There are many ways to represent a quantity, but the best way is based on the problem in front of you.

      U2 Objects, pictures, and numbers can be used to represent problem situations.

      U3 There are multiple strategies and methods for finding an accurate mathematical solution.

      U4 The relationship among operations and their properties increases flexibility as mathematicians.

      U5 Equations and Inequalities are true statements.

      Students will be skilled at …

      S1 representing numbers on a ten frame.

      S2 composing ten with and without objects.

      S3 applying fact strategies to add and subtract within 20.

      S4 explaining strategies to add and subtract using objects, pictures, and number sentences up to 20.

      S5 generating and solving problems when given a number sentence.

      S6 determining the unknown in an addition or subtraction equation.

      S7 understanding that expressions on each side of the equal sign have the same value.

      S8 representing addition and subtraction using models and number sentences.

      S9 applying the mathematical process standards.

    • Rainy Day Bag

      Texas weather is very unpredictable. During the school day we may experience extreme heat, rain, hail, or even snow. If bad weather arrives, the students stay indoors during recess.

      Please send a “rainy day bag” to keep your child entertained in the classroom during this time. You may include various materials such as art supplies, workbooks, playing cards, and travel games (not full size board games). Please put these items in a Ziploc baggie no larger than gallon size with your child’s name clearly marked on the front. Keep the bag in your child's backpack for those rainy days. 

    • First Grade Instagram

      Download LOGO INSTAGRAM Free PNG transparent image and clipart

      Come follow all of our First Grade fun! We are only allowing parents to follow our page. If you have an Instagram page, please send your child's teacher an email with your username so we can identify you after you request access to our private page. The First Grade page is called "Hedgcoxe2035" and we can't wait for you to see the pictures that we post on our page! 

       Instagram Username: Hedgcoxe2035

    • PISD Webdesk

      Digital Home Access

      Continuing your learning at home... students may access their webdesk apps from home. Students will need their school login and password.


      Please contact your child's teacher if you are not able to log on. 

      This will provide access to:

      • Math - Dreambox, ABCya, math online 
      • Language Arts: ABCya, HMH
      • Social Studies: Pebble go and much more!  

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