• Frankford Middle School Organizations & Sponsors

    Chef's Club - Cheryl Wells - Wednesdays, 3:40-4:30pm rm 728

    FMS Cheer - Ashley Washington

    FMS Gay Straight Alliance - Sarah Wilson - Fridays @ 7:45am rm 807

    French Club - Alison Hayter - Wednesdays, 3:40-4:30pm rm 917 (some Tues or Thurs same time)

    Gaming Club - Elizabeth Sham - Every other Fridaym, 3:30-4:30pm rm 409

    Math Counts - Tamala McMillen - Tuesdays, 3:40-4:30pm rm 417

    Morning Magic - Sarah Wilson - Monday and Thursday, @7:45am in 807

    National Junior Honor Society – NJHS

    Candidates shall be evaluated on:

                Academics, Citizenship, Character, Leadership and Service

    To be academically eligible, one must earn a 91.5 overall average from their 7th grade year.

    Students will be credited for active enrollment in honor classes.

    Students will be expected to have in school and out of school service hours, participate in the group’s two service projects and attend regular meetings.

    Officers:  President, Vice President, Secretary and Historian will be elected in the fall.

    There will be an evening induction ceremony.

    Sponsors are:  Amy Dudley and Justin Parker.

    PALS - Cheryl Wells - Daily 2nd period

    Student Council - Emily Miznazi and Gabby Feliciano - 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month @3:40-4:30, late bus available

    Whiz Quiz - Justin Parker - Tuesdays, 3:40-4:30pm rm 804



  • Chef's Club

    Cheryl Wells
    Career Education

Cheryl Wells
Career Education
Cheryl Wells
Career Education
Ashley Washington
Title I
Alison Hayter
Foreign Language
Cheryl Wells
Career Education