• Campus Policies

    Campus Telecommunications/Electronic Devices Guidelines


    Due to limited staff and security personnel, the receptionist and office staff will not be able to deliver any messages or items (lunches, books, homework, etc) to students during the school day. If your child asks you to bring something, it is the students responsibility to check with the office to see if it has been delivered. No flowers, balloons, gifts, etc. will be accepted in the office during the school day. Please go over this policy with your child. Because state law prohibits interruptions of classes, no student’s names will be announced over the PA system during class time.


    Do not use Osage Plaza as a carpool lane - all cars picking up students must drive through the carpool lane- refer to map below

    carpool flow map

    • CARPOOL: All cars must use the carpool lane to pick up students. Please do not use the main street to park on and pick up students. This prevents the buses from getting to the bus lane and causes many student to cross the actual carpool lane unsafely.


    • Parents, Please remember that students are not allowed to receive 3rd party deliveries (i.e. Ubereats, Doordash, etc.) during the school day.


    • All students must be off campus by 3:45pm daily unless staying for another school event or tutorials or it is an early release day


    • Badges are part of the daily dress code for all students - they must be worn on campus and at any event that represents Frankford (i.e. games, concerts, etc.)- each student receives three free temp badge stickers if they forget their badge. On the fourth they are asked to purchase ($5) a new badge as we assume the badge is in fact lost. They receive three free temps with each purchase of a new badge. We recommend badges be kept in backpacks as they are brought to school everyday.