Miss Lizz Gaines



Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Lizz Gaines

I am the music teacher at Barksdale Elementary School. I graduated from Columbus State University, in Columbus GA, with a Bachelors in Music Education. I have completed all 3 levels of Kodaly training and implement them in my classroom each day. Outside of teaching music, I rock climb and explore the great outdoors. I love teaching music and seeing the joy it brings in my classroom each day!

  • 7:15-7:45 Duty Duty Duty Duty Duty Duty
    7:55-8:22 5 Cornell Rimmer Bonus Pavlasek Disney
    8:22-8:50 5 Pavlasek Disney Cornell Rimmer Bonus
    8:50-9:17 4 Durrett Choe Horton Manuel Facer
    9:17-9:45 4 Manuel Facer Durrett Choe Horton
    9:45-10:12 3 Ledsome Kemendo Russell Rosen Hansen
    10:12-10:40 3 Rosen Hansen Ledsome Kemendo Russell
    10:40-11:07 K Kimbrough Kloub Johnson Shellstrom Rushing
    11:07-11:35 K Johnson Shellstrom Rushing Kimbrough Kloub
    12:50-1:17 2 Duke Bruno Smith Lopez Brundige
    1:17-1:45 2 Lopez Brundige Duke Bruno Smith
    1:45-2:12 1 Salmon Carr Blank VanAsdake Ziegelbein
    2:12-2:40 1 VanAsdale Ziegelbein Salmon Carr Blank