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Lunch Visitors

Parent Lunch Visitors for 2023 - 2024!

Parents may visit their child for lunch via the signup sheet below, which is for the whole year.

Many parents like to come to school and have lunch with their child. Luckily, our school has a "Patriot Patio" in the hall outside our cafeteria where students and family members can enjoy lunch together. We have 4 tables per grade level available. We require parents to sign up prior to visiting their child for lunch so that we do not run out of space. All visitors to Shepard must bring a driver's license on their first visit of the school year and be issued a visitor badge. On subsequent visits, we can print badges with the same level of security without the need to scan your driver's license again, but please have it on hand in case there are any questions.


Lunch Visitor Sign Up


Please feel free to let Mrs. Bishop know if you have any questions.