• Music

Rainbow Musical Notes

  • Music Schedule (2023-2024)

    7:55 am - 8:45 am Fifth Grade

    8:50 am - 9:40 am Fourth Grade

    9:45 am - 10:35 am Third Grade

    10:35 am - 11:30 am Conference

    11:30 am - 12:00 pm Lunch

    12:10 pm - 1:00 pm Second Grade  

    1:05 pm - 1:55 pm Kindergarten  

    2:00 pm - 2:50 pm First Grade

  • Shepard Musical Performance Schedule (2023-2024)

    November 2023

    November 9: 3rd Grade Musical.

    • 9:00 am for Staff and Students only
    • 6:00 pm for Family and Friends

    December 2023

    December 12: 4th and 5th Grade Choir Concert

    • 9:00 am for Staff and Students only
    • 6:00 pm for Family and Friends

  • Shepard School Song

    Onward, Shepard. Onward, Shepard

    Go Red, White, and Blue!

    Always faithful, fair, and noble,

    Ever true to you!

    Onward, Shepard. Onward, Shepard

    Loyal to our school,

    Patriots forevermore will always rule!

  • Shepard Patriot Choir (2023-2024)

    Shepard Patriot Choir is composed of 4th and 5th graders who love to sing! 

    Auditions are held, but they are only to see the student's vocal range and ability. All are welcome to join!

    In the fall, we meet one day a week after school, and we perform a concert of holiday music at Shepard and at Heritage Farmstead, and in the spring, we perform a musical.

  • Elementary Music

    Elementary students in the Plano Independent School District attend music classes taught by specialists trained in the Kodály methodology.  This approach to music education includes a sequential organization of concepts and skills to be developed through hearing, singing, deriving, writing, reading, and creating music, thereby contributing to the development of the whole child.  This method is now used in school districts around the world in the music education of children and adults alike.  It has been specifically adapted to meet the needs of the Plano I.S.D. as the basis for the elementary music program

    The goal of the Elementary Music Curriculum is to present a program of sequential musical learning designed to develop an appreciation of the joy of music-making; an understanding of culture and fine arts from a variety of periods and peoples; and skill and independence in performing, reading, writing and creating music.

    This goal will be achieved as the students:

    1. Build a repertoire of songs, rhymes, singing games, play parties, and dances from a variety of cultures.
    2. Understand musical concepts.
    3. Achieve mastery of musical skills.
    4. Perform, analyze and listen to great art music.
    5. Create, improvise, and compose original compositions.

  • Performance Ensembles in Elementary Schools

    While public performance is not the primary focus of the Plano Elementary Music program, it is recognized that student performances are an appropriate outcome. Grade-level performances that demonstrate classroom learning are typical at most campuses.  In addition, many elementary schools have a campus-wide choir or another musical ensemble typically for students at the upper-grade levels. These groups usually meet weekly outside the regular school day and perform at various school and community functions, as well as business locations, throughout the school year.  Check with your children’s music specialist about such offerings at your school.

    The Plano Children’s Chorale is an elite music ensemble composed of 90 auditioned 5th-grade singers from across the district. They rehearse weekly and present a variety of performances.  Auditions for this group are by invitation of the campus music specialist and take place in late August of each year.

  • Audience Etiquette for Musical Programs

    Plan to Arrive on Time

    It is important that everyone is in his or her seat before the downbeat of the first song. If you do happen to run a little late, please wait to find a seat between musical selections.

    Listen and Watch Carefully

    While the students are performing, we ask that you and your family give the students your undivided attention. Do not distract them by waving or calling out to them during the performance.

    Remain Seated

    Please do not walk around or allow younger/older siblings to walk around and play during the program. If someone needs to leave the program area for some reason, they should wait to do so only between selections.

    Avoid Extra Noise

    Please do not talk during the performance. Also, remember to turn your ringer or alarm off on your cell phone.

    Be Courteous to Others

    If you want to take pictures or videos, please be courteous to others that are watching the program. Please avoid blocking the view of the stage or performance area. Also remember, flash photography can be distracting to the students that are performing.

    Remember to take Additional Safety Measures

    • Familiarize yourself with exit signs in the performance area.
    • Know the location of fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment.
    • Please keep an eye on your kiddos at all times (actively monitoring).

    Enjoy the Show!

    Remember to show your appreciation with applause and be sure to congratulate the performers.

  • Plano Children’s Chorale

    The mission of the Plano Children’s Chorale (PCC) is to provide developmentally appropriate choral experiences to identify musically exceptional students in grade 5. The Chorale rehearses weekly and presents one concert per year. In addition to this performance, the choir performs at various district events and tours elementary campuses.

    Singers for each year’s chorale are selected from the district elementary schools through a formal, by invitation, audition process that takes place in the fall of the school year.

    Fifth-grade students will receive information about PCC during their music classes each fall!

  • Musical Websites for Students

    Dallas Symphony Website for children of all ages

    • This site is specifically built for kids by our own Dallas Symphony. After the site loads, click on MUSIC ROOM and a myriad of activities for students will appear. There is an orchestra seating chart that changes and grows as instruments are added according to the historical period. An Instrument Encyclopedia lists all orchestra instruments with background information, a sound bite, solo sounds, and how that particular instrument sounds with the orchestra. DSO Kid of the Month features an area student musician. There are interviews with the orchestra musicians, a virtual tour of the Meyerson, plus a Listening Library. The games section is extremely popular with students, featuring such games as Time Machine, Beethoven's Baseball, Meyerson Squares, Music Match, Color a Picture, Composers Keyboard, Conductor Jump, Hangman Word Games, Letter Scramble. There are Do-It-At-Home activities as well as Make Your Own Instrument.

     New York Philharmonic Site for children of all ages

    • This site has a game room, an instrument lab, a musicians' lounge, a composition workshop, and a composers' gallery. Students as young as second grade would enjoy this site. Audio samples.

    Creative Kids Central

    • This site encourages young people to explore the power and beauty of classical music. 

    Sing-Along Songs

    • Can't remember the words to a favorite song? Don't remember the tune? Search this site and find both lyrics and music files for many classic songs.