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  • Welcome to the Murphy Middle School Library! As a middle school student you may use the library for book exchange, research, homework assistance, as a reading space, and more. The library is open during the school day to study, read, check out and return books, and more. I am so glad you are visiting! This website is meant to be a 24/7 access to information about the library, its programs, and its resources. I am here to serve you and welcome questions and suggestions. 
    -Ms. Spence, Librarian

    Library Hours of Operation:

    Monday - Friday 7:50 AM - 4:00 PM


    Library Google Classroom Codes:

    The MMS Library Google Classroom is a resource for students and parents to get information about upcoming library programming, resources, and events. It is NOT a course, it is NOT for a grade, and everything on the library GC is completely optional and just for fun. :) 

    6th grade library Google Classroom code: okveuhp
    7th grade library Google Classroom code: ymrk4u5
    8th grade library Google Classroom code: scftee7


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  • Book Pickup for @Home Students

    The current days/times for book pickup are:

    Mondays - 9am-3pm

    Fridays - 9am-3pm

    Library book pick up information:

    Now that we have our outdoor book drop, library books for @home students who have placed holds and filled out the google form will be waiting for you outside on top of the book drop on Asynchronous days only (Mondays and Fridays). The books will be outside by 9 am at the latest and will be taken back inside at 3 pm.  If you do not pick up your books by the end of the day, they will be returned to the library. Please only take the books with your/your student's name. If you know you will be unable to pick up your books, just send Ms. Spence an email and let her know when you can come so the books will be ready for you. Please contact Ms. Spence if you have any questions. melanie.spence@pisd.edu, 469 752 7028. 

    Book Return

    We now have an outdoor bookdrop! Feel free to drop your library books off any time to the book drop located outside the front entrance if you are an @Home student. F2F students, please use the book drop locations adjacent to the library itself.  

     Book drop

    Click here to view the catalog and place a hold (Step 1).

    Click here to complete the book pickup request form (Step 2).

    Click here to watch a video about how to place a hold.  

    Check out some of the AWESOME books our MMS 6th graders recommend! 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When is the library open? During in person school, the library is open from 7:50-4:00 pm.
    2. When can I come to the library? Students can come to the library anytime between 7:50 am - 4:00 pm as long as it is to read, checkout books, work on projects, study, be a part of a class, or participate in a club/library event. Students coming during classtime need a pass unless their teacher is with them.
    3. How many items can I check out and when are they due? 5 books at a time for a 2-week period.
    4. How do I return the books? If you are a Face to Face student, you may drop them in the hallway book drop any time, or in the inside book drop when the library is open. If you a Remote learner, you may drop books off in the outdoor book drop located outside the front office.
    5. Can I check out magazines? Yes! You may take one magazine at a time for one week. This is on an honor sysem. There is no barcode to scan. Please return so that others can enjoy the magazine as well. 
    6. How do I see what books are available in the library? Use our online library catalog to search for books in the Murphy Middle School library. 
    7. Can I place a book on hold? Yes, you place up to 5 books on hold by logging into the catalog system. Click here to learn how to place a hold.
    8. What if I have an overdue item? We do not charge late fees, however, you must return overdue items before new items can be checked out. School Messenger phone messages go out to parents to remind you.
    9. What if my book is lost or damaged? You will need to pay for a lost or damaged book using cash or our new online payment system, coming soon. Please contact Ms. Spence if you think your book is lost or damaged. 
    10. Can I suggest new books for the library? Yes! There is an online suggestion box on our library Google classroom page.
    11. How can I do research from home? Use the online research tools here from Plano ISD. 
    12. How can I read eBooks from home? Use Axis360 and login with your regular username and password. 
    13. How can I get books if I am learning from home? Place a request using curbside checkout! Watch the tutorial video here, then place a hold online and submit the curbside request form.
    14. Are the books from the library safe? Yes! All newly returned books to the library are held in a 7 day quarantine before being checked in and shelved or given to students.
    15. What if I need help? Ask Ms. Spence! Email melanie.spence@pisd.edu or call 469 752 7028. 

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