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  • Counselors

    2024-2025 Counseling Department


    Melissa Allcorn – 6th Grade Counselor

    Sylvia Lansing – 7th Grade Counselor & Counseling Team Lead

    Elisha Sharif - 8th Grade Counselor

    Lanette Crouse – Counseling Secretary & Registrar


    Murphy Middle School is proud to encourage their students’ growth - emotionally, physically, and academically, through a fantastic team of counselors who are available to support them in any needs they may have. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with any concerns, questions, or anything else you may need.


    Vision Statement:

    All students will become resilient and ethical and will have integrity. Every student will develop social,  academic and career skills to reach their fullest potential. Students will successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, productive citizens with a growth mindset who respect themselves and others.

    Mission Statement:

    The Murphy Middle School Counseling Department will promote a healthy learning environment by supporting social, emotional, career and cognitive development of all students while also supporting academic progress and empowering resilience, integrity, kindness, perseverance and a growth mindset.  

Melissa Allcorn

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