Degrees and Certifications:

Coach Ian Garcia


It is truly an honor to be teaching/coaching your sons and daughters here at Shepton High School. I cannot think of a profession where you have more influence and impact on a young person's life/character. 

As a product of the Plano system, I understand the importance of athletics and how they are a metaphor for life.  I believe in things like character, morals, values, hardwork, and respect. 

I was born in Amarillo, Tx, and moved to Plano in 1989 with my parents and brother.  I attended Brinker elem, Jackson Elem, Renner MS, Shepton HS, and graduated from Plano Senior High in 1998. 

I grew up around teaching/athletics my whole life... having a father that taught/coached for over 45 years in Amarillo, as well as here in Plano ISD.  

I began my teaching career at Frankford MS in 2009, as a PE teacher.  After a few years, I had the opportunity to move up to Shepton and join the Special Education department, where I had an array of positions: inclusion teacher, Science Strategist, Social Skills Teacher, MAPS teacher, and monitor teacher.  As of 2019, I teach AVID I for freshman and Professional Communication to both freshman and sophomores... as well as being Assistant Football Coach and Head Freshman Basketball Coach.  

Thank you for this opportunity to help mold your sons and daughters into not only better students/athletes... but better people.  

  • Coach Garcia's Daily Schedule

    1st Period:      9:00 - 9:48am     Prof Comm

    2nd Period:     9:53 - 10:46am   Prof Comm

    3rd Period:    10:51 - 11:39am   Prof Comm

    Lunch            11:39 - 12:48pm

    4th Period:   12:48 - 1:36pm     AVID I

    5th Period:    1:41 - 2:29pm     Prof Comm

    6th Period     2:34 - 3:22pm     Conference

    7th Period     3:27 - 4:15pm     Athletics