• Shepton Mission & Vision Statements

    SHS Mission

    As a part of our Plano ISD learning community, we will educate, inspire, and empower every student to activate their unique potential in a dynamic world.

    SHS Vision

    We are....

    • We will keep all students at the heart of every decision.
    • We will be passionate about our service to our community and students every day.
    • We will maintain professionalism in all communication.
    • We will show respect to all.
    • We will lead by example and take pride in what we do.


    That create a...

    • We will foster a caring, safe, and welcoming environment.
    • We will focus on the social, emotional, and academic needs for all.
    • We will develop meaningful relationships in order to support our school community.
    • We will seek support when needed and lend a hand when others are in need.
    • We will create an environment that allows students to take academic risks.
    • We will openly collaborate with others to maximize our effectiveness.


    To provide... 

    • We will remember that relationships are the foundation to all learning.
    • We will be a dynamic professional learning community.
    • We will all be risilient and resourceful life-long learners.
    • We will provide consistent expectations that challenge all learners to be high achieving.
    • We will be responsive and attentive to the changing needs of all students.
    • We will create real world applications to bring relevance and rigor to our learning.
    • We will never give up on and will grow individuals.


    About Us

    Shepton High School has a long history of academic excellence in the Plano community. Shepton is a 9-10 campus with approximately 1500 students. Shepton offers a full range of courses in all academic areas including honors and Advanced Placement. The Shepton Stallions compete in a variety of athletic and academic competitions and offer over 50 clubs to join.