Phone: (469) 752-7600 ext. 27736


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University TEA Certifications: Mathematics (6-12), Math/Physical Science/Engineering (8-12), Computer Science (8-12)

Jason Dewese

Howdy! This will be my eighth year teaching at Shepton High School. I went to Plano East Senior HS and then Texas A&M University before coming back to Plano to teach.

My preferred contact method is email (address on the left under my picture).

Clubs I sponsor: 

Robotics - I am the robotics coach at Shepton! I am always looking for interested students, with experience or just with enthusiam, to help grow our program and compete. Robotics club meeting times are pending. Once I know what students are interested I will find a time that works best. We will likely meet during 5th period advisory and maybe once a week after school. As competitions near we typically meet more frequently. 

Chess Club - I am an avid chess player and love teaching students to play, coaching them to improve their game, and being challenged by them! 

  • Schedule


    1st Period  - 9:00  -  9:50 -  Conference

    2nd Period - 9:55 - 10:47 - AP Computer Science Principles

    3rd Period - 10:52 - 11:42 - AP Computer Science Principles  

    4th Period - 11:47 - 12:41 - Engineering Science

    5th Period - 12:46  - 1:40 -  Advisory (D lunch)

    6th Period - 1:45  - 2:35 -  Intro to Engineering Design

    7th Period - 2:40  - 3:30 -  Computer Science I

    8th Period - 3:35 - 4:25 - Engineering Science    


  •  Tutorials:

    Because I teach four different courses, there is no single tutorial time to meet every student's needs. Generally, I do tutorials by appointment as students request them, and I'm quite flexible in scheduling unless I have a prior commitment at that time. I cannot meet on Thursday morning as I have duty then, but otherwise students just need to communicate when they need a tutorial. 




  • Course Descriptions


    A little bit about the 4 different classes I teach:

    Intro to Engineering Design - An introduction to the foundations all engineers must know. We learn about the engineering design process, technical drawings, engineering standards in documentation and dimensioning, statistical analysis, and 3D modeling of various objects in Autodesk Fusion 360/Inventor. 5.0 GPA.

    Engineering Science - Essentially a survey of different engineering fields, each unit is totally new information related to one or several fields of engineering. Simple/compound machines, circuits, thermodynamics, statics, robotics/programming, and projectile motion just to name a few! This course dual counts as a science credit. 5.0 GPA.

    AP Computer Science Principles - this is designed to be an introductory course to computer science, so no prior knowledge is necessary. At the beginning of the course we learn the basics of how information is stored in computers (binary, compression, etc.) and how they communicate online (Internet Protocols). Then the course is all about how to create programs and apps with code (JavaScript). Later in the course we visit topics about data analysis/visualization and cybersecurity. 5.0 GPA.

    Computer Science I - this is designed to be an introductory course to computer science, so no prior knowledge is necessary.  We first learn about computer hardware and software, number systems (binary), and digital citizenship/cybersecurity. Programming concepts are introduced using block code, and then the course is all about learning and using the Java programming language to solve problems.  4.0 GPA.