• PL Trade Hours

  • Plano employees on 246 day contracts earn trade hours a little differently. Up to two days per year can be exchanged for regular contract days. These days are earned when you work on a non-contract day (usually weekends). In order to qualify as a trade day, you must have spent a non-contract day either receiving or delivering professional learning.

    For example, if you attend or present at a conference over the weekend that meets on Saturday and Sunday, 246 day employees can trade these days out for up to two regular contract days.

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  • All trade days require supervisor approval. Please talk to your supervisor before planning to use any trade days. Please fill out this form when you acrue trade days.

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  • 2020-2021 Professional Learning Trade Days

  •  All Professional Learning Trade Hours must be earned outside of your regular work day: summer, weekends, before or after school.