• PAL Course

    Grade Placement: 8
    Prerequisite: Teacher Approval (Application required)
    Full-year course

    PAL (Peer Assistance and Leadership) is an award wining program providing effective training in “resiliency” strategies. The PAL peer helping program combats risky behaviors among youth.  Skills taught include, but are not limited to group dynamics, self-esteem, social skills, self-awareness, communication skills, decision making, and problem solving, and cultural awareness.

    The PAL program provides guidance and mentoring for peers and younger children on issues such as self-esteem, and social skills. PALs enrich their schools and community through service and learning projects and extended volunteer activities.

    The PAL program is an approved Texas Education Agency course for 8th grade students at the middle school level and for 11th and 12th grade students at the high school level.

    Some of the service projects and activities the PAL students participate in at Renner include: helping to plan Red Ribbon Week, working with Partners PE, reading with 6th grade students during their SSR, partnering with students at Brinker Elementary, and more!

    To be selected for PAL, current 7th graders will receive information through announcements, fill out an application with teacher referrals to be turned into the PAL sponsor, and complete an interview. Those that selected will be notified in order to add PAL to their schedule for their 8th grade year.

    The PAL sponsor is Jennifer Beall