• History of Shepard Elementary

    Shepard Elementary honors Joseph William Shepard, born on November 19, 1856 in Louisville, KY. The Shepard family moved from Plano while J.W. was still a child. Shepard Married Mary Catherine (Molly) Haggard, daughter of C.S. and Nannie Kate Haggard, on December 23, 1881.

    J.W. Shepard owned a 2,200 acre cattle ranch and farm site in Plano, which is now a modern housing development. Internationally known for his fine livestock, including mules, he also owned 11 cotton gins, a cottonseed oil mill, and a flour mill. He served on the first P.I.S.D. board from 1899 until 1911 and on the Plano City Council. Mr Shepard died in 1946 after leading a very full and active life on 90 years.

    On December 8, 1946, The Dallas Morning News wrote of Shepard: "Probably no other man has ever done so much for Plano and South Collin County, furnished work to more people, and fed more hungry, less fortunate people, than J.W. Shepard."

    Shepard Elementary opened in 1971 at Wilson Middle School and moved into its current location the following year. Shepard has received numerous awards and honors during its 45 year history.