• Orchestra

    The Shepton orchestras have consistently earned sweepstakes at UIL and received Best Performing Ensemble at both the Bluebonnet Music Festival in San Antonio and Peak Music Festival in Dallas, Texas several times over the past ten years.

    The orchestra is comprised of students from various academic backgrounds; athletes, AP and honors students and many various club members and student government leaders participate in orchestra at Shepton.  The staff members and counselors at Shepton make a great effort to ensure students can fit orchestra into their busy schedules. 

    These orchestras provide an opportunity for students to continue instrumental development at an intermediate level. Time will be required outside of class for rehearsals, trips, and other engagements. Attendance at all outside rehearsals and performances is required. This is a full-year course and an audition is required.

    • String Orchestra I and II
    • Philharmonic Orchestra I and II
    • Symphony Orchestra I and II 

Orchestra Staff