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    Art I

    This is a two semester course in which students will be introduced to drawing and color study using the elements and principles of design. Printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and computer-manipulated works are incorporated into the curriculum.

    Art I Honors/PreAP

    Students wishing to take this course are required to submit a formal recommendation from his or her current art teacher. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to work with a large variety of materials. Pre-AP Art I provides learning opportunities for students beyond those available in the regular Art I class and expectations for those students are higher. In addition, students will also learn what will be expected of them for the AP Portfolio Examination.

    Art Sculpture

    Art I is not a prerequisite for this course. Students will be introduced to additive sculpture, subtractive sculpture, and ceramics, as well as computer-manipulated works. This is a two-semester course in which students must complete both semesters to meet the one year fine arts requirement.

    Art Sculpture II – Honors/PreAP

    The curriculum is designed to spiral and expand the Art Sculpture curriculum. Students will apply the elements and principles of art in all composition to a greater proficiency than other Art Sculpture students. Prerequisites include Sculpture I, Art I, Art I Honors/PreAP, or formal recommendation of the art teacher.

    Art II

    Art I is a prerequisite to this course. Art II is designed to continue a sequential study of drawing, color theory, painting, printmaking, technology and three-dimensional studies. Formal compositions will be completed in realistic, abstract, and non-objective styles. Students will build upon skills learned in Art I.

    Art II Honors/PreAP

    The Pre-AP Art II curriculum is designed to spiral and expand the Art I or Pre-AP Art I curriculum. Teacher recommendation is required for the course, as it is recommended for students seriously looking at a visual art career. Students will apply the elements and principles of art in all compositions to a greater proficiency than other Art II students as well as connect art history and criticism to those productions. Students will develop skills in drawing and color theory application beyond the average Art II student as they continue reviewing requirements of the AP examination. Students extend learning through higher expectations in painting, printmaking, technology, sculpture, and ceramics.

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