Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Cole Helms

I'm so happy to be here at Rice this year. This is technically my full first year, but last year I was the ESOL teacher at Clark for the majority of the school year. Long story short, this year should be interesting and exciting, to say the least. I was born and raised right here in Plano, Texas. Going through Beverly, Hendrick, Clark, and Plano Senior. I attended UNT and graduated in 2019. GO MEAN GREEN! I l played in garage bands growing up in Plano and, while I attended college in Denton, playing drums and guitar. I’m a huge sports fan. If you ever want to talk Dallas sports, I’m your guy. My teachers and professors throughout my educational journey were the ones who inspired my love of English. Hopefully, I can do the same.  

1st: (Honors) ELA 

2nd: (Honors) ELA 

4th: (Honors) ELA 

5th: ELA 

6th: Advisory 

7th: ELA

8th: (Honors) ELA