• Rice Middle School Attendance Information

  • Reporting an Absence

    A parent/guardian should call the student absence line to report a student absence.

    • Call 469-752-6000
    • Choose Option 1 for English, or Option 2 for Spanish
    • Next, press Option 3 to leave a message
    • Leave the student's name, student's ID#, the reason for absence, date of absence, and who is reporting the absence.

    Note: A parent note or doctor's note is required to excuse an absence. 

  • Absence Notes & Requests

    A parent note or doctor's note is required to excuse an absence. The note should include the student's name, the reason for absence, date(s) of absence, and parent/guardian signature. Please complete this Student Absence Request Form and email or deliver to Ms. Holman in the front office. Her email is linda.holman@pisd.edu.

    Special circumstances:

    • A doctor's note is required if absent for 5 consecutive days.
    • Planned absence(s) such as vacations and trips are considered unexcused.
      • In order for the student to make-up and receive credit for work assigned during an unexcused absence, the student must submit to the principal, at least one week in advance, written notification of the planned absence. Please complete this Student Absence Request form and return to Linda Holman in the front office or at linda.holman@pisd.edu.
      • When no prior notice is given, students shall receive a zero for all work assigned during the absence (PISD Policy FDD/Local).
    • Partial day absences for medical appointments will not be recorded as an absence if a doctor's note is received upon return to school.
    • To receive an excused absence for a Religious Holiday/Observance, written notification must be submitted to the principal one week prior to the absence (PISD Policy FDD/Local).

  • Leaving school ill

    If a student becomes ill at school, he/she should go to the clinic to see the nurse.  The nurse will contact parents.  The student must sign out through the front office before leaving.  Send a note with your student when he/she returns to school.

  • Late arrivals and early releases

    Students must sign in and out at the main office.  Failure to sign in or out is considered a violation of attendance policy.

  • Doctor appointments

    If your student must leave early for a doctor's appointment, please send a note with him/her to school so that we can release him/her from class in a timely manner.  Upon returning to school, please send or bring an official doctor's note verifying the appointment.

  • Other absences

    Non-school activities must be pre-approved by the building principal in order for the student to make-up missing work.  You may obtain the Student Absence Request form that needs to be completed and turned in before the absence from the attendance clerk.  These absences are considered unexcused with make-up work allowed.

  • What does Parent Portal tell me?

    We encourage you to become familiar with Parent Portal. This is an excellent source of information regarding your students' attendance, grades or any missing assignments. Visit the Gradebook page for all the details.

  • What does the 90% rule mean?

    Attendance policy and state law require students attend their classes 90% of the time.