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    We are so excited to “see” our students and get to know them this coming year. We know it will look different and will be sharing more information on how to stay connected throughout the next few weeks. You can locate information on the counseling staff at https://www.pisd.edu/Page/4480.


    Important information as we start next week:



    **Requesting a change will not guarantee a change. Please refer to the information below.



    If you have concerns about a core class, please contact your child's teacher to discuss the concern. If there is a need for a change, the teachers will work with us on options.



    We are no longer accepting or making changes to elective courses this semester.  The only courses we will be able to look at for 2nd semester are our high school credit, semester, elective courses. These include the 8th grade courses GTT, Computer Science, and Health.  We have had to work with alternate elective choices to make many schedules work with the guidelines for health and safety as well as face-2-face and school@home options.   We appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time as we navigate the new learning environment guidelines.



    We are still in the process of getting our Google Classrooms fully up and running and look forward to have more opportunities to connect with our students. If you or your child needs support , has questions or just needs to check-in, we are an email away! All student now have access to their PISD email and can contact thier teachers and counselor directly. We will also use student email for communication about school, schedules and checking in with our students.

    We are currently following a rotating schedule of being on campus and working remotely. Email is our preferred communication in order to best respond with in 24 hours. If we need to talk by phone or via virtual conference, that can also be arranged.


    We have also added a link to resources for families on the Rice website counseling page. We will continue to update as new or changing information is available. https://www.pisd.edu/Page/23201


    Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. 




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