• Fifth Grade

  • Back-to-School Parent Information

    Please see the link below for wonderful back-to-school information for fifth grade for the 2022-2023 school year.

    We encourage you to also review our grade-level schedule and the specials schedule on the specials page.

    Shepard Fifth Grade Informational Night 2022-2023

  • 2022-2023 Important Announcements & Upcoming Dates

    General Announcements

    • For breakfast, kids who come in at 7:35 or later are sent to class with their trays to finish in the classroom. Anyone who comes in before that eats in the cafeteria and leaves at 7:40 to go to class. Those kids are not allowed to leave with breakfast items. Breakfast opens at 7:00. If your student plans on eating breakfast at school, please allow them enough time to get their breakfast and eat it in order to be in class on time at 7:40 ready to learn.

    January 2023

    December 17 - January 3: Winter Break - We will see everyone back on January 4th!

    January 4: Students Return

    January 5: Wilson Field Trip

    January 9: Shepard Science Fair Projects Due

    January 10: Shepard Science Fair Judging Begins

    January 13: Unit 4: Weather and Water Science Assessment

    January 16: Student/Teacher Holiday – No School

    January 17: School Spirit Night

    January 26: 100th Day of School

    January 27: PTA Movie Night

    February 2023

    February 3: Shepard PTA Popsicle Party

    February 14: Classroom Valentines Parties

    February 16: Math Night

    February 20: Student/Teacher Holiday – No School

    February 24: Book Character Day

    February 27 - March 2: Spring Book Fair

    March 2023

    February 27 - March 2: Spring Book Fair

    March 2: Open House 

    March 6 – 10: Spring Break

    March 13: Student Holiday/ Teacher Workday

    March 14 - 17: Shepard's 4th Annual Reading Fair

    March 17: Pride Rallies

    March 21: Spring Photos

  • Schedule Overview

    Fifth Grade Schedule Overview

    7:00 am - 7:30 am Early Morning Drop-Off. During this time, students will be either in the gym or in the cafeteria for breakfast until the 7:30 am bell rings.

    7:30 am - 7:40 am Greet Students

    7:40 am - 7:45 am  Announcements

    7:45 am - 8:00 am  Daily Meeting

    8:00 am - 8:50 am Specials

    8:50 am - 10:15 am Math

    10:15 am - 10:45 am  I/E

    10:45 am - 11:30 am Science/SS

    11:30 - 12:00 pm Recess

    12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Lunch

    12:30 pm - 1:15 pm Science/S.S.

    1:15 pm - 2:45 pm Reading/ELA

    2:45 pm - 2:50 pm Dismissal


    Library on Mondays:

    Mr. Villanueva 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

    Ms. Shahidi 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm

    Mrs. Kotara 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm



    Tuesdays10:25 am - 11:25 am

    Thursdays 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

    Fridays 8:55 am - 9:55 am


    Mr. Villanueva Tuesdays 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    Ms. Shahidi Thursdays 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    Mrs. Kotara Thursdays 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

  • What Are We Learning?

    **Please see the section 2022-2023 Important Announcements & Upcoming Dates for upcoming tests and assessments**

    January 23 - January 27


    • Students will use informational text to develop/deepen comprehension, recognize/analyze genre specific characteristics, and analyze author’s craft.


    • Students will use the writing process to compose an argumentative editorial.


    • Students can describe the key attributes of the coordinate plane and the process for graphing ordered pairs of numbers.


    • Students demonstrate to show that Earth rotates on its axis once approximately every 24 hours causing the day/night cycle and the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky.

    Social Studies:

    • Students identify and analyze the causes of events of the American Revolution in order to understand political, economic, and social differences can lead to conflict.

    Homework & Special Weekly Reminders:

    • Math Homework:None
    • Reading Homework: Reading Log

  • Fifth Grade Reminders

    Wearing tennis shoes is encouraged during Specials and on the playground. 

    Please always label all clothing items, including jackets.

    Please remember to use/send appropriate hygiene products as needed for your student.

  • Dismissal and Attendance

    To report an absence, please call the Child Safe Line at

    469-752-3600 (option 3)

    If you know BEFORE school that there will be a change of dismissal, please send a teacher note in the morning or email the office so we are aware.

    If you need to change plans AFTER your child is here, you have 2 choices:

    • Call the front office, and they will tell the teacher  –OR-
    • E-mail the teacher, and cc: Emily.Rollins@pisd.edu She is our attendance secretary. That way in case the teacher misses it, Mrs. Smith will make sure that we know and then a “change in dismissal” card will be sent to notify the teacher.

    If your child is absent, please send a signed note with the reason for their absence or bring a doctor’s note (if you went to the doctor). 

    We recommend calling the school 5 - 10 minutes prior to arrival for pick up, so students have time to gather their items and come to the office. This is especially helpful for when students are at recess, lunch, specials, or in academic services.

    **Must bring a form of identification for pick-up**

  • Snack

    Your child's snack should be:

    • a simple snack that is packaged separately from their lunch. 
    • The snack should be one that they can open easily and manage independently. Please no snacks that require a spoon or a fork.
    • Your child may bring a bottle of water to class. Their name should be marked clearly on the water bottle to prevent your child's water from getting mixed up with that of another child.

    Ideas for healthy snacks can be located on the Texas Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition website

  • Lunch

    Students may bring their own lunch that is labeled, buy a lunch from the cafeteria, or do a combination of both. Each student will have their very own lunch code located on their ID badge. This is a number that is scanned or entered if your child buys anything from the lunch line.

    If sending money to school for lunch, PTA purchases, book orders, etc., please place it in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and put it in your student’s take-home folder. Most of these purchases can be done online.

    Parent Lunch Visitors for 2022 - 2023!

    Parents may visit their child for lunch via the signup sheet below, which is per nine-week period. (August 10 - October 7). 

    Many parents like to come to school and have lunch with their child. Luckily, our school has a "Patriot Patio" in the hall outside our cafeteria where students and family members can enjoy lunch together. We have 4 tables per grade level available. We require parents to sign up prior to visiting their child for lunch so that we do not run out of space. All visitors to Shepard must bring a driver's license on their first visit of the school year and be issued a visitor badge. On subsequent visits, we can print badges with the same level of security without the need to scan your driver's license again, but please have it on hand in case there are any questions.

    1st 9 Weeks Lunch Visitor Sign Up

    Please feel free to let Mrs. Bishop know if you have any questions.

  • Recess

    During the school day, students have a 30-minute long recess. Recess is usually an outdoor play time if the weather permits. On bad weather days, we will do an activity in our classrooms during this time. On occasion, the students will be permitted an additional recess time. Teachers do not apply sunscreen to children. We recommend applying sunscreen to your child before you send them to school. We go outside every day unless the temperature is below 32 degrees or it is raining.

  • Birthdays

    If your child is celebrating their birthday, their teacher will take the time to recognize their special day and they will also be mentioned on our morning announcements, "The Patriot News." If you wish to bring a treat for the whole class, they will be shared at the end of the day. Some examples of birthday treats are store-bought cookies or donuts. Please, no peanut butter treats. Please arrange this celebration with your child's teachers. Family members are currently not allowed to attend. This will just be for your child and their class. 

    Birthday invitations have to be handed out by students at non-academic times.

  • Field Trips

    Field Trips will be organized based on the school and district schedules in conjunction with the academic goals of the grade level. 

    We will send home flyers about specific field trip information closer to the field trip dates as well as post information about them here in the Important Announcements Section.

  • Volunteer Information

    In order to volunteer at the school, any person must complete a background check form. Please do this now if you think you may ever want to chaperone or help with anything at school. The more the merrier!

          Types of volunteers include:

    • Room Parents
    • Workroom helpers
    • Field Trip Chaperones
    • Watch Dog Dads
    • Fine Arts Day presenters or helpers

    All volunteers must sign in at the front office.

    Please ask for more information if you are interested. You are welcome!

    Plano I.S.D. Volunteer Application and Information

  • School Registration Information & Supply List


    We have provided here for you the link for information about new student enrollment. Should you have any further questions, feel free to call Shepard Elementary on our mainline and speak with our front office. The direct phone number is (469) 752 - 3100

    New Student Enrollment

    School Supply List

  • 2022-2023 5th Grade Camp Informational

    See the linked letter about 5th-grade adventure camp. The camp will take place between Nov 30-Dec 2 of 2022.

    Camp Parent Letter (SP)

    Camp Open House

    Shepard 5th Grade Camp Informational

  • Wilson Middle School 6th Grade Information

    Attention 5th Grade Parents!

    Is your child attending Wilson next year? Please consider joining Wilson PTA! 

    Our “Feeder School” representative Jenni Panter is looking for 5th grade parents headed to Wilson interested in being involved with the Wilson PTA! See what Wilson PTA is all about on their webpage and email Jenni at Jenni.panter@gmail.com for more information about getting involved!

    Wilson Middle School PTA

    Wilson Middle School Homepage

  • Fifth grade team logo


    2022-2023 School Year Calendar:

    August 10: First Day of School

    September 2-5: Student Holiday

    October 10-11: Student Holiday

    November 21-25: Thanksgiving Break

    December 16: Last Day of First Semester (Early Release)

    December 19–January 3: Winter Break

    January 4: Start of Second Semester

    January 16: Student Holiday

    February 20: Student Holiday

    March 6–13: Spring Break

    April 6: Bad Weather Make-Up Day 1

    April 7: Student Holiday

    April 10: Bad Weather Make-Up Day 2

    April 24: Student Holiday

    May 26: Last Day of School (Early Release)

Hector Villanueva
5th Grade