• Moving to Shepton?

    Please begin by completing the online enrollment process. You will need to upload the following records necessary to enroll:

    1. Original birth certificate (or certified copy which includes a certificate number and is issued by the State) or Passport
    2. Social Security Card (if available; if not, the student will be assigned a State ID number)
    3. Current Immunization Record Signed by a Physician. Immunizations, per Texas requirements, must be up to date with proper documentation prior to enrollment and attending class
    4. Proof of Residency in Plano ISD (natural gas or electricity bill, original lease agreement, or approved Certificate of Eligibility to Enroll form)
    5. Most Recent Report Card/Withdrawal Slip from Previous School
    6. Parent's Driver’s License or Texas Department of Transportation ID card. If parent is not a licensed driver or has not obtained a state ID card, other photo ID will be considered including, but not limited to, a passport or employment identification card.
    7. Any person who is not the natural parent or is not designated guardian of the child by a court order must register with the office of Student Services prior to enrolling.  Student Services is located at 1300 19th Street, Suite D, Plano, TX 75074.

    After completing online enrollment, your records will be reviewed and you will be contacted to schedule a meeting with your student’s counselor.  If there are any missing documents or questions about your paperwork, our office will reach out to you.