• Plano West Counseling Department

    Vision Statement

    Plano West Counselors empower and prepare students to become resilient individuals who contribute to a diverse and dynamic world.

    Mission Statement

    The Plano West Counseling Department is a visible and valuable resource which serves to advocate, support and develop student-centered programs that provide social/emotional development, college, career and military readiness, and academic success for all students.

    The Plano West Counseling Department strives to provide a caring atmosphere that encourages personal growth and integrity, and assists all students in realizing a successful educational experience in preparation for graduation and beyond. The Counselors have personally represented Plano West students on many college & university campuses in Texas and throughout the country, and are actively involved in the American School Counseling Association and serve on the board of LSSSCA (Lone Star State School Counselor Association) at the state levels.

    In addition to attending colleges throughout Texas, Plano West students also attend top tier universities, community colleges, vocational training and the military throughout the country.

  • Important Announcement for Rising Seniors – Class of 2025


    Make sure you check your courses chosen for your senior year on SchooLinks.  If you would like to make changes, you have until Friday, March 8th to request course changes.  After this date, there are NO more changes!  You may pick up a course request change form in the counseling office.

    We develop the number of courses offered based on your choices. 

  • Struggling with emotions?

    Need someone to talk to? Please remember that it's okay to not be okay, but if you need someone to talk to please talk to a trusted adult or contact one of the following:

    Mental Health 24-Hour Hotlines:

    24/7 Crisis Support         24/7 Crisis Support        24/7 Crisis Support

    Even when school is not in session, you can get help if...

    • You feel alone, scared or overwhelmed
    • You have thoughts of hurting yourself
    • You are worried about a friend being in danger

    Call one of these 24-hour hotline numbers -

    Texting Options

    Text one of these numbers and a crisis counselor will respond quickly. If you have a crisis outside of school hours, use one of the numbers above

    Take care of yourself by practicing healthy coping skills:

    • Practice deep breathing
    • Draw or write in a journal
    • Talk to a trusted adult

    Be sure to tell your school counselor or social worker when you return to school for additional support.

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  • College Reps Schedule a Table Visit HERE

    PWSH Collin College
    For additional information regarding dual credit, please visit Plano ISD Dual Credit  WEBSITE

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