• Plano West Philosophy On Clubs and Activities:

    At Plano West, we feel that part of the public school experience is for each student to have a group of students and activates that support the academic portion of the school.  We at Plano West value and encourage students to be part of school organizations and clubs.  If a student has an interest in an area they currently do not see an organization or club, we invite them to start a new club.  Below is information about the types of clubs we have at Plano West and how to start a new one.

    There are two types of clubs for students at Plano West:  

    • Curricular Clubs which are linked to specific curricular content.  These clubs stay current each year.
    • Non-Curricular Clubs which are student-initiated and driven.  These clubs start over each year due to they are driven by the interest of our current student body.
    • If you are interested in forming a non-curricular club, please follow the process below.

    How to start a club:

    1. Determine your interest and club you would like to start.
    2. Locate a teacher on the Plano West Campus that will serve as your sponsor.
    3. The sponsor should touch base with Mr. Cruz to help determine if the club is a curricular club or non-curricular.
      • If the club is non-curricular, the student will then need to fill out the Non Curricular Club Form  **Remember to choose Senior High for Club Level
      • You might want to watch Club Training Video to understand about non-curricular clubs.
      • If the club is curricular, the teacher will initiate the form and that form can be found on the For Staff page on the website. Only the teacher has access to this page and form.
    4. The Sponsor will receive an email, which you must follow the link and complete the form.
    5. After the teacher and student complete the form, it will come to the front office for our approval, and you are done with your part unless there is something wrong. If needed, Deanna Parker will send it back to you with instructions on how to correct it.

     **Remember to choose Senior High for the Club Level

     How to have multiple sponsors:

    A comments field has been added on the Curricular Club request form called Additional Information under the Sponsor’s email address.  Only 1 sponsor will sign the form but additional sponsors can be added in the comments section.

     If a student or sponsor needs any assistance, please reach out to Michael Cruz, Associate Principal for Student Activities for assistance.

    If you have any questions about the process, please speak with your prospective sponsor or Michael Cruz.