• Jasper High School

    Electronic Device Guidelines

    Cell Phones / Electronic Devices (including laptops)

    • Students may not talk on their cell phones during class. If a student needs to use a phone, they may use the phone in the main office or a classroom phone with a teacher’s permission. Cell phones must be muted during the school day.

    • May be used for academic purposes during the school day with permission from a teacher 
    • May be used during transition periods (hallways) and during students’ assigned lunch.

    If a cell phone / electronic device is audible, causes a disruption to the learning environment, or is used in manner deemed as inappropriate by a staff member the following consequences will result:

    • 1st: Verbal Warning to individual student. 
    • 2nd: Teacher confiscates the item but returns it at the end of the period. 
    • 3rd: Teacher confiscates and turns the device into the Student Center. Student must meet with the administration to retrieve the item. A detention will be assigned. Item will be returned to the student at the end of the day.
    • 4th: Item is confiscated and turned in to the Student Center by the teacher.  Friday Night Live is assigned. Only a parent can retrieve the item from an administrator.

    Any further violation will require a parent conference and could result in a loss of privileges for a determined length of time at the administrator’s discretion. The device will not be returned before the parent conference is held.

    Plano ISD Policy:

    The Principal has authority to address issues that are disruptive to the academic environment that may arise from the improper use of telecommunications devices. Students who violate this policy shall be subject to established disciplinary measures. Parents shall be notified within two school days after a telecommunications device is confiscated. (FNCE LOCAL)

    State of Texas Education Code (37.082)

    The board of trustees of a school district may adopt a policy prohibiting a student from possessing a paging device while on a school property or while attending a school-sponsored or school-related activity on or off school property. The policy may establish disciplinary measures to be imposed of violation of the prohibition and may provide for confiscation of the paging device. The policy may provide for the district to:

    (1) Dispose of a confiscated paging device in any reasonable manner after having provided the student’s parent and the company whose name and address or telephone number appear on the device 30 days’ prior notice of its intent to dispose of that device. The notice shall include the serial number of the device and may be made by telephone, telegraph, or in writing: and

    (2) Charge the owner of the device or the student’s parent an administrative fee not to exceed $15 before it releases the device.

    *Plano ISD is not responsible if any such device is lost or damaged while in possession of district employees. Every school district in Texas is immune from liability for damages to property. This is the state immunity law and not a local school policy. A campus cannot reimburse a student or parent for loss or damage of a telecommunication or electronic deivce.