• Fine Arts

    Jasper’s Fine Arts Department consists of two groups, The Visual and Performing Arts Department and The Music Department. Each of the programs that make Jasper’s Fine Arts Department is fun and exciting, and allows our students' creativity and confidence to grow in leaps and bounds.

    The Visual and Performing Arts Department is assembled of three exceptional and diverse programs: Art, Communication, and Theatre. The Art Department offers a variety of full year courses: Art I, PreAP Art I, Art II, PreAP Art II and Sculpture. Our Communication Department is assembled with an assortment of full year courses: Debate I, Debate II and Oral Interpretation, as well a semester-long course of Professional Communication. Jasper’s Theatre Department offers an array of full year courses ranging from Theatre I, Advanced Theatre I, Theatre II, Technical Theatre I and Technical Theatre II. Each of these programs is unique, individualized and supports a student’s need for a creative outlet.

    The Music Department includes the award-winning programs of Band, Choir, and Orchestra.  Participation in these year-long courses allows students an opportunity to build musical skill and understanding through a wide variety of quality musical experiences.  All three programs offer students several performance opportunities throughout the school year and are designed to provide outlets for each student to develop their creative talents.

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Fine Arts
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Fine Arts
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