• Orchestra

    The Jaguar string orchestra is the largest 9/10 program in the district with over 240 members. The orchestra is divided into the Legacy chamber orchestra and the Camerata orchestras of which there are four.  Strings for the Soul is a performing ensemble that seeks to serve the community by performing for senior centers, community and district events.

    The orchestras have consistently earned sweepstakes at UIL and received Best Performing Ensemble at both the Bluebonnet Music Festival in San Antonio and Peak Music Festival in Dallas, Texas several times over the past ten years.

    Competing against four year orchestras in the state, the Legacy orchestra has consistently been ranked as one of the top three orchestras in the state of Texas by the Texas Music Educators Association and was named the first runner up in 2008 and again in 2010. 

    The orchestra is comprised of students from various academic backgrounds; athletes, AP and honors students and many various club members and student government leaders participate in orchestra at Jasper.  The staff members and counselors at Jasper make a great effort to ensure students can fit orchestra into their busy schedules.

    Orchestra members maintain the highest performance standards and also participate in social activities such as Orchestra Olympics and Game Night in the Fall. The Annual Italian Dinner, Spring Trip and Movie Night occur during the spring semester.

    For the most current information about the Jasper Orchestra, please visit jasperorchestra.com

    To view the syllabus, please visit Orchestra syllabus.

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