Degrees and Certifications:

Associates Degree Farm and Ranch Management Bachelors Degree Agriculture Science and Technology w/ Teacher Certification

Mr. Dusenberry

My name is Mr. Dusenberry, this is my 15th year teaching, and my 1st year here at Jasper HS. I have a passion for teaching Agricultural Science Classes. I love the Agriculture Industry and have found there is no other industry, or group of people like it. My conference is from 9:53-10:25. Tutorials are in the morning from 8:25-8:55.

  • 1st pd: Small Animal Management 9:00- 9:48

    2nd pd: Connect 9:53-10:25

    3rd pd: Small Animal Management 10:30-11:18

    4th pd: Livestock Production 11:27-12:23

    5th pd: McMillen HS

    6th pd: McMillen HS

    7th pd: McMillen HS

    8th pd: McMillen HS