Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Caitlin Bailey-Garafola

Hi! I'm Mrs. Garafola! This is my fifteenth year teaching at Jasper, and this year I am teaching 10th grade Humanities and AP European History. I have a Bachelor's in Historical Studies and a Master's in Humanities, with a focus in Russian history and literature, from the University of Texas at Dallas. I love coffee, historical documentaries, reading novels, and my favorite things to teach are the Russian Revolution, the Cold War, and the Baroque. 

Humanities II World History AP GT is a course that provides gifted students with opportunities not available through regular or advanced classes. The course integrates the Humanities into a combined English I Honors and AP World History two-year interdisciplinary course. The curriculum includes a historical study of the commonalities of the fine arts including literature, the visual arts, architecture, and music. Humanities I focuses on the period up to the Renaissance; Humanities II examines the period from the Renaissance to contemporary times. Students will learn and practice the craft of writing through various products. Literature from a variety of world traditions will also be a key focus. 

AP European History is an elective college-level survey course that introduces students to the rich political, cultural, social, and intellectual heritage of Europe from the Renaissance to the present. It is designed to prepare students to be successful on the AP European History Exam while providing them with the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge that will form a useful foundation for their continuing educational endeavors.

I'm super excited to share my love of history, art, and literature with all my new and returning students this year!

Teacher Schedule

  • 1st Period: Humanities/ 10th

    2nd Period: Humanities Planning

    3rd Period: Humanities/ 10th  

    4th Period: Conference

    5th Period: Humanities/ 10th  

    6th Period: AP European History

    7th Period: AP European History

    8th Period: AP European History  

Tutorial Schedule

  • Tutorial Times: 

    Tuesdays - 8:15 AM

    Wednesdays - 4:30 PM

    Connect upon request