Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. I Ning Lee

Chinese Literature in Bachelor degree from Taiwan Normal University.

Passionate about Teaching, World News Analysis and Performing Arts.

Loves to share the secrets of being successful in life with people.


Tutorial Time: Every Wednesday morning 8:20 Homeroom Time 

1st Period: 9:00- Chinese 1

2nd Period: 9:53- Connect

3rd Period: 10:43- Chinese 1

4th Period: 11:20- students take A- Lunch

                   11:48- 12:47- Chinese 2

5th Period: 12:51- Conference Time

Teacher's email:

  • Every Monday Homeroom time is the Tutorial Time for Chinese 1 and 2. (By appointment)

    Google Classroom Code for each period:

    1st period: zjxrxs2

    2nd period: dqz6r44

    3rd period: 35yccxc