• 2019-2020 Curricular Clubs

  • Academic Decathlon (AcDec)
    Sponsor: Shannon Reczek
    To compete in USAD academic competitions against schools at the regional, state and national level

    APES (AP Environmental Science)
    Sponsor: Mark Yoder
    To organize and volunteer support and to fundraise to pay for AP Environmental Science class Fall and Spring projects

    Sponsor: Aimee Ratliff & Jackie Dillon
    To enhance student leadership and communication as well as the goals of the AVID College Readiness program

    Business Professionals of America (BPA) 
    Sponsor: Melanie Kumar
    Career & Technical Student Organization for students pursuing careers in business management, informational technolgy, finance, office administration and other related career fields

    Caring Cats 
    Sponsor: Carolyn Crawford & Abby Lanford
    Building friendships between general education and special education students, and ensuring inclusionof special education students at campus events.

    Chain Robotics 
    Sponsor: Gary Sullivan
    Promoting STEM Education through students designing and building a robot to compete in FIRST Robotic Competitions

    Chinese Club 
    Sponsor: Xinyan Liu
    Students learn more about Chinese culture

    Coding Club 
    Sponsor: Jonathan Yee
    To promote and explore computer programming and problem solving

    Sponsor: Samantha Spears
    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management

    Sponsor: Lauren McCullough
    To bring everyone's fashion (art, design, business) interests all together under FIDM Fashion Club and express what we love through a creative outlet.

    FCCLA - Family, Career Community Leaders of America 
    Sponsor: Jerri Lynn Freeman
    To provide leadership and community service opportunities to students keeping family as it's focus

    Sponsor: Shelby Wheeler
    Future Farmers of America

    French  Club
    Sponsor: Lisa Diena
    Expand on various French and Francophone cultural aspects.

    Sponsor: Daphne Warren
    The first and foremost goal of German Club is to promote German cultural awareness by providing educational, cultural and recreational opportunities to members to enjoy German-related events at PSHS and also in and outside the Plano area. 

    HOSA (Future Health Professionals) 
    Sponsor: Kim Miller
    Curricular club to offer students competition and community service.

    International Thespial Society 
    Sponsor: Ellen Watts
    National Theatre Honor Society

    Sponsor: Stephanie Rausch
    Keep Education Your Stepping Stone

    Sponsor: Tiffany Grimes
    Learning About Science and Engineering Research

    Math Club 
    Sponsor: Anne Bloise
    To foster the love of math in a friendly and competitive atmosphere

    National Art Honor Society 
    Sponsor: Allison Garrison
    To support the visual arts and provide service opportunities through visual arts related activities.

    PAL - Peer Assistant Leadership
    Sponsor: Meghan Rollins
    Mentor fellow PISD students and leave a lasting, positive impression on the community.

    Spanish Club
    Sponsor: Gregory Shields
    To promote the culture of the Spanish-speaking world.

    Sponsor: Racey Ballard and Ellen Watts
    Theatre Department at PSHS

    Varsity Art 
    Sponsor: Allison Garrison
    To recognize and honor students who have committed to the intense curriculum of AP Studio Art for at least 2 years of their high school career.

  • 2019-2020 Non-Curricular Clubs

  • 2-D Art Club
    Sponsor: Daphne Warren
    Where students can express themselves, create art and share it with their peers

    Sponsor: Lisa McLeroy
    Educate deaf awareness to both ASL students and hearing students who are not taking ASL

    Beyond the Book
    Sponsor: Carolina Reyt
    Ongoing project that set refugees in the Dallas area up for success with book donations to learn to read and and understand English.

    Bio Olympiad
    Sponsor: Cheryl Curran
    To prepare for the nationwide BioOlympiad test

    Black Student Union
    Sponsor: Daphne Warren
    To promote activities of common interest, as well as cultural and educational benefit for all students.

    Bowling Club
    Sponsor: Sabahat Gulam
    To increase participation in the sport of bowling.

    Breakfast Club
    Sponsor: Stephanie Milby
    Safe place for sharing and communication between high school students

    Cons of Drugs
    Sponsor: Sheela Thomas 
    Our purpose is to promote anti-drug awareness by creating anti-drug posters which explain the negative effects of specific types of drugs.  Meetings will be held twice a month.

    Creative Writer's Club
    Sponsor: Brittany Hilton
    To provide a place for young aspiring authors to share theis literary works

    CRU Basketball
    Sponsor: Andrew Jacob
    To introduce GOD to the Basketball Team

    Culinary Club
    Sponsor: Rachel Carlson
    Learn how to cook independently

    DoSomething Club
    Sponsor: Cheryl CurranTo embrace volunteering and civic action

    Environmental Club
    Sponsor: Nathan Campbell
    To promote the appreciation of and conservation of natural resources and the environment.

    eSports Club
    Sponsor: Kyle Goodwin
    Possibly complete in eSports against other schools who have professional video gaming teams, or simply discuss about games and things related to it.

    Family History Club
    Sponsor: Kathleen Whitfield
    To learn about genealogy and share family stories.

    Girls in STEM
    Sponsor: Shannon Reczek
    We try to provide girls with experience in the STEM field with the help of speakers in this field, hands on activities and student led projects.  This organization also seeks to enhance leadership skills and help create a well rounded student influenced with STEM thinking.

    Global Gatherings
    Sponsor: Stephanie Rausch
    To celebrate different cultures.

    Guitar Club
    Sponsor: Joe Snider
    To learn to play and perform guitar centered music

    Habitat for Humanity
    Sponsor: Robin Shipley-Gerko
    To raise funds for the greater Collin Co. Habitat for Humanity and to volunteer to build homes.  Also to bring awareness for the need for affordable housing.

    Sponsor: Sarah Gibson
    To serve those in our school, community and around the world

    Junior State of America
    Sponsor: Jennifer Morbitt
    Enhance participation, educate and foster civic responsibility in young Americans

    Key Club
    Sponsor: Cheryl Curran
    Provide service, build character and develop leadership

    Korean Culture Club
    Sponsor: Hisham Hassen
    To provide an opportunity for those interested in the Korean culture to learn various aspects of the culture, particularly the Korean language.

    League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
    Sponsor: Aimee Ratliff and Fred Sanders
    Advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health, housing and civil rights of Latin American citizens.

    Light of the World
    Sponsor: Cynthia Gallatin
    To raise money for children around the world by purchasing solar lanterns to replace harmful kerosene lanterns and donating school supplies to kids in impoverished countries.

    Living for Christ
    Sponsor: Rich Bordner
    For a community of Christians to have a fellowship and meet together to learn more about Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome

    Muslim Student Association (MSA)
    Sponsor: Jerri Lynn Freeman 
    To create a home base for the Muslim community at school

    National Honor Society
    Sponsor: Shanique Leonard
    The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students in our chapter.

    Philosophy Club
    Sponsor: Matt Cone
    Group of students come together to discuss philosophy and ideas about the world and to form an individual philosophy about the world and morality.

    Plano Chess Club
    Sponsor: Ami Dalal
    Learn and play chess in a friendly, noncompetitive environment

    Plano Girls Lacrosse
    Sponsor: Steve Leonard
    Establish the Plano Girls Lacrosse team as an extracurricular team in order to be able to use the indoor field and raise awareness to recruit new members.

    Plano Investment Club
    Sponsor: Gloria Andrade-Norris
    To promote financial awareness and provide the ability for students to learn the fields of mathematics, finance, economics and management on a collegiate level.

    Plano Lacrosse Club
    Sponsor: Steve Leonard
    Support the Plano Lacrosse Club

    Recycling Club
    Sponsor: Mark Kinney
    To increase the amount of recycling on campus

    Salsa and Bachata Club
    Sponsor: Kathleen Whitfield
    To teach students how to dance salsa and bachata

    She's the First
    Sponsor: Sarah Gibson
    Fundraisers and outreach for the STF national organization to fund and support solutions that not only educate and empower girls but also build up the communities where they are able to flourish.

    Tabletop Games Club
    Sponsor: Nathan Campbell
    To share our enjoyment of board games, card games and other tabletop games.

    Sponsor: Kevin Dunagan
    We fund raise to help make sure underpriviliged children have their rights to a peaceful and secure life.

    Video Game Club
    Sponsor: John Banowsky
    To provide an opportunity for students to interact positively through playing video games.

    WISE (We're Inspiring Strength & Empowerment)
    Sponsor: Kathleen Whitfield
    Students to get together and talk about positive things, encourage each other to achieve greatness in and out of this school.

    Young Democrats Club
    Sponsor: Sheela Thomas
    To provide an avenue for young, ploitically engaged individuals to openly discuss issues in politics and current events.

    Young Republicans Club
    Sponsor: Mark Yoder
    Educate the non-conservative members of the student body on what being conservative is all about.  Provide conservative students with a place to voice their true political opinions without being ridiculed.