• We Believe...

    We, the faculty, believe that the program of Plano Senior High School should be adequate to meet the needs of each graduate in his next step in life. 

    We believe that it is our responsibility to help each student attain standards of excellence, to explore realistic goals, and to choose appropriate educational experiences whether in a university, technical school or in immediate employment.

    We believe that our school program should encourage a reciprocal relationship between the community and the educational institution. We believe that Plano Senior High School should provide continuous opportunities for all students to learn democratic principles through democratic experiences.

    We believe that an essential part of the program in all departments should be to help each student develop effective communicative skills: listening, reading, oral and written composition and the ability to think critically.

    We believe that each student should be encouraged to select an area or major study which would develop academic and career skills. We believe our school should make available to each eleventh and twelfth grade student a coordinated, sequential, cumulative program in the following curricula:

    1. Language Arts
    2. Mathematics
    3. Social Science
    4. Science
    5. Foreign Language
    6. Fine Arts
    7. Vocations
    8. Health and Physical Development

    We believe that it is the responsibility of every faculty member to promote in each student a desire to be a useful citizen, a respect for traditional values, an appreciation for our American heritage and an understanding of education as a lifelong process.