• Curricular Clubs

  • Academic Decathlon (AcDec)
    Sponsor: Shannon Reczek & Jason Barton
    To compete in USAD academic competitions against schools at the regional, state and national level

    APES (AP Environmental Science)
    Sponsor: Mark Yoder
    To organize and volunteer support and to fundraise to pay for AP Environmental Science class Fall and Spring projects

    Sponsor: Jackie Dillon & Mark Chilivetis
    To enhance student leadership and communication as well as the goals of the AVID College Readiness program

    Business Professionals of America (BPA) 
    Sponsor: Deepa Ganguly
    Career & Technical Student Organization for students pursuing careers in business management, informational technology, finance, office administration and other related career fields

    Caring Cats 
    Sponsor: Abby Lanford
    Building friendships between general education and special education students, and ensuring inclusion of special education students at campus events.

    Chain Robotics 
    Sponsor: Tyler Wille , Hisham Hassen , Sarah Johnson
    Promoting STEM Education through students designing and building a robot to compete in FIRST Robotic Competitions

    Chinese Club 
    Sponsor: Xinyan Liu
    Students learn more about Chinese culture

    Computer Club/Coding Club 
    Sponsor: Jonathan Yee
    To promote and explore computer programming and problem solving

    Sponsor: Trey Obar
    Marketing experiences provided through competition and leadership

    Sponsor: Jessica Medley
    To bring everyone's fashion (art, design, business) interests all together under FIDM Fashion Club and express what we love through a creative outlet.

    Sponsor: Claire Lamsfuss & Kendall Kirk 
    Future Farmers of America

    Floral Design 
    Sponsor: Kendall Kirk 
    To fundraise for the floral design class.  

    French  Club
    Sponsor: Lisa Diena
    Expand on various French and Francophone cultural aspects.

    Hope Squad
    Sponsor: Kathleen Whitfield
    Reducing youth suicide through education, training and peer intervention

    HOSA (Future Health Professionals) 
    Sponsor: Denise KongsKim Miller
    Curricular club to offer students competition and community service.

    Sponsor: Michaela James
    To create the school newspaper

    Junior States of America
    Sponsor: Janeice Starks
    To promote activism, awareness of politics and current events as well as how to actively participate within the legislative process.  

    Sponsor: TBA
    Keep Education Your Stepping Stone

    Sponsor: Elizabeth Carson ,  Rachel Carlson
    Learning About Science and Engineering Research

    National Art Honor Society 
    Sponsor: Lisa Jones
    To support the visual arts and provide service opportunities through visual arts related activities.

    National Honor Society 
    Sponsor: Denise Kongs , Kim Miller
    To create enthusiasm for scholarships, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character in the students in our chapter.

    PAL - Peer Assistant Leadership
    Sponsor: Denise KongsKim Miller  
    Mentor fellow PISD students and leave a lasting, positive impression on the community.

    Sponsor: Candace Neal 
    Student group to help with book selection and review.

    Sponsor: Amina Chaghani & Teddy Webb 

    Varsity Art 
    Sponsor: Allison Garrison
    To recognize and honor students who have committed to the intense curriculum of AP Studio Art for at least 2 years of their high school career.

    Sponsor: Michaela James
    To make and sell the yearbook.

  • Non-Curricular Clubs

  • A Miracle of You
    Sponsor: Meredith Walraven 
    Spread the Gospel and build a healthy Christian community.   

    Alive Poet's Society 
    Sponsor: Sheila Holsinger 
    To write and analyze poetry in order to more fully understand the world. 

    American Sign Language
    Sponsor: Lisa McLeroy
    To foster a love of Deaf culture, through the sharing of first-hand experiences in a way that is accessible to all languages, all abilities and all backgrounds. Everyone is welcome.  

    Anime Club
    Sponsor: Sheila Holsinger
    For students to meet and make friends for stuff they really like.

    Asian Awareness Student Organization (AASO) 
    Sponsor: Laura Jane Barber
    To provide a fun space for people to learn about the different Asian cultures and real-world events that happened or are happening in the Asian community. 

    ASL Honor Society
    Sponsor: Lisa McLeroy
    Learn more about ASL and volunteer in the Deaf Community.     

    Biology Club
    Sponsor: Sarah Johnson
    Compete in USABO and tutor AP biology students. 

    Black Student Union (BSU)
    Sponsor: Shanique Leonard
    To build community to help uplift and support black students at PSHS. 

    Chemistry Club
    Sponsor: Shanique Leonard 
    To tutor chemistry, do chemistry experiments and practice UNSCO. 

    Chess Club
    Sponsor: Rong Sun
    Play chess, compete with each other, and form the chess community of PSHS. 

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) 
    Sponsor: Carson Meger
    To provide a space where believers can unite and bear each others burdens, find community and bond over a shared love for Jesus.   

    Interact Club
    Sponsor: Broc Boyd
    To give students volunteer and community service opportunities 

    Sponsor: April Kondrat
    To spread the love of music across school and nearby communities

    Junior National Association for the Deaf
    Sponsor: Lindsay Chandler
    Empower Deaf / Hard of hearing students to do community service and advocacy.

    KP_Town(K-Pop Club)
    Sponsor: Jinyun Yu
    To provide a safe space and build a community of people who share similar interests.  Everyone is welcome no matter their dance experience (not all club members will be in the dance cover team). 

    Latine Hispanic Student Union
    Sponsor: Jacqueline Dillon
    To support and act as an informational group for those who want to learn or are a part of the community.

    Math Club
    Sponsor: Trevor Brewer
    To develop skills and knowledge in the field of Mathematics

    Mu Alpha Theta 
    Sponsor: Trevor Brewer
    Compete in Mu Alpha Theta competitions

    Muslim Student Association (MSU)
    Sponsor: Mark Yoder
    Create a time for Muslim students to bond and pray during lunch and after school. 

    Plano Lacrosse Association
    Sponsor: Kelly Stallings
    Align with the PSHS Lacrosse team

    Plano Senior eSports 
    Sponsor: Janeice Starks
    To have an eSports team that represents PSHS compete in tournaments and leagues up to the national level

    Plano Wildcats Hockey 
    Sponsor: Jason Barton
    Promote and support the PWH 

    Podcasts with PSHS
    Sponsor: Michaela James 
    Keeping up with PSHS and connecting everyone together with what they have to say

    PSHS Democrats
    Sponsor: Debbie O'Reilly 
    To inspire political activism, register young voters, educate students on current events and provide volunteer opportunities on local political campaigns.  

    Red Cross Club 
    Sponsor: Victoria Wright  
    To empower youth volunteers with Red Cross knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare their schools and communities to respond to emergencies

    She's The First 
    Sponsor: Carolina Reyt
    To fight gender inequality through education.

    Student Leadership in Communities (SLIC) 
    Sponsor: Ron Choi 

    Sponsor: Haekee Lee
    To spread the awareness of caring for the children in the community and around the world

    Wildcat Dance Club 
    Sponsor: Madi Jacob
    Social club to meet other students on campus who want to learn how to partner dance