• Curricular Clubs

  • Academic Decathlon (AcDec)
    Sponsor: Shannon Reczek & Jason Barton
    To compete in USAD academic competitions against schools at the regional, state and national level

    APES (AP Environmental Science)
    Sponsor: Mark Yoder
    To organize and volunteer support and to fundraise to pay for AP Environmental Science class Fall and Spring projects

    Sponsor: Jackie Dillon & Mark Chilivetis
    To enhance student leadership and communication as well as the goals of the AVID College Readiness program

    Business Professionals of America (BPA) 
    Sponsor: Melanie Kumar
    Career & Technical Student Organization for students pursuing careers in business management, informational technology, finance, office administration and other related career fields

    Caring Cats 
    Sponsor: Abby Lanford
    Building friendships between general education and special education students, and ensuring inclusion of special education students at campus events.

    Chain Robotics 
    Sponsor: Tyler Wille , Hisham Hassen , Sarah Johnson
    Promoting STEM Education through students designing and building a robot to compete in FIRST Robotic Competitions

    Chinese Club 
    Sponsor: Xinyan Liu
    Students learn more about Chinese culture

    Computer Club/Coding Club 
    Sponsor: Jonathan Yee
    To promote and explore computer programming and problem solving

    Sponsor: Trey Obar
    Marketing experiences provided through competition and leadership

    Sponsor: Lauren McCullough
    To bring everyone's fashion (art, design, business) interests all together under FIDM Fashion Club and express what we love through a creative outlet.

    Sponsor: Claire Lamsfuss & Kendall Kirk 
    Future Farmers of America

    Floral Design 
    Sponsor: Kendall Kirk 
    To fundraise for the floral design class.  

    French  Club
    Sponsor: Lisa Diena
    Expand on various French and Francophone cultural aspects.

    Hope Squad
    Sponsor: Kathleen Whitfield
    Reducing youth suicide through education, training and peer intervention

    HOSA (Future Health Professionals) 
    Sponsor: Denise KongsKim Miller
    Curricular club to offer students competition and community service.

    Sponsor: Michaela James
    To create the school newspaper

    Junior States of America
    Sponsor: Janeice Starks
    To promote activism, awareness of politics and current events as well as how to actively participate within the legislative process.  

    Sponsor: TBA
    Keep Education Your Stepping Stone

    Sponsor: Elizabeth Carson ,  Rachel Carlson
    Learning About Science and Engineering Research

    National Art Honor Society 
    Sponsor: Lisa Jones
    To support the visual arts and provide service opportunities through visual arts related activities.

    National Honor Society 
    Sponsor: Denise Kongs , Kim Miller
    To create enthusiasm for scholarships, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character in the students in our chapter.

    PAL - Peer Assistant Leadership
    Sponsor: Jeff Brooks
    Mentor fellow PISD students and leave a lasting, positive impression on the community.

    Sponsor: Candace Neal 
    Student group to help with book selection and review.

    Sponsor: Amina Chaghani & Teddy Webb 

    Varsity Art 
    Sponsor: Allison Garrison
    To recognize and honor students who have committed to the intense curriculum of AP Studio Art for at least 2 years of their high school career.

    Sponsor: Michaela James
    To make and sell the yearbook.

  • Non-Curricular Clubs

  • A Miracle of You
    Sponsor: Meredith Walraven 
    Spread the Gospel and build a healthy Christian community.   

    Alive Poet's Society 
    Sponsor: Sheila Holsinger 
    To write and analyze poetry in order to more fully understand the world. 

    American Sign Language
    Sponsor: Lisa McLeroy
    To foster a love of Deaf culture, through the sharing of first-hand experiences in a way that is accessible to all languages, all abilities and all backgrounds. Everyone is welcome.  

    Anime Club
    Sponsor: Sheila Holsinger
    For students to meet and make friends for stuff they really like.

    Asian Awareness Student Organization (AASO) 
    Sponsor: Laura Jane Barber
    To provide a fun space for people to learn about the different Asian cultures and real-world events that happened or are happening in the Asian community. 

    ASL Honor Society
    Sponsor: Lisa McLeroy
    Learn more about ASL and volunteer in the Deaf Community.     

    Biology Club
    Sponsor: Sarah Johnson
    Compete in USABO and tutor AP biology students. 

    Black Student Union (BSU)
    Sponsor: Shanique Leonard
    To build community to help uplift and support black students at PSHS. 

    Chemistry Club
    Sponsor: Shanique Leonard 
    To tutor chemistry, do chemistry experiments and practice UNSCO. 

    Chess Club
    Sponsor: Rong Sun
    Play chess, compete with each other, and form the chess community of PSHS. 

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) 
    Sponsor: Carson Meger
    To provide a space where believers can unite and bear each others burdens, find community and bond over a shared love for Jesus.   

    Interact Club
    Sponsor: Broc Boyd
    To give students volunteer and community service opportunities 

    Sponsor: April Kondrat
    To spread the love of music across school and nearby communities

    Junior National Association for the Deaf
    Sponsor: Lindsay Chandler
    Empower Deaf / Hard of hearing students to do community service and advocacy.

    Latine Hispanic Student Union
    Sponsor: Jacqueline Dillon
    To support and act as an informational group for those who want to learn or are a part of the community.

    Math Club
    Sponsor: Trevor Brewer
    To develop skills and knowledge in the field of Mathematics

    Mu Alpha Theta 
    Sponsor: Trevor Brewer
    Compete in Mu Alpha Theta competitions

    Muslim Student Association (MSU)
    Sponsor: Mark Yoder
    Create a time for Muslim students to bond and pray during lunch and after school. 

    Photography Club
    Sponsor: Michaela James
    Sharing the same interest

    Plano Lacrosse Association
    Sponsor: Kelly Stallings
    Align with the PSHS Lacrosse team

    Plano Senior eSports 
    Sponsor: Janeice Starks
    To have an eSports team that represents PSHS compete in tournaments and leagues up to the national level

    Plano Wildcats Hockey 
    Sponsor: Jason Barton
    Promote and support the PWH 

    Podcasts with PSHS
    Sponsor: Michaela James 
    Keeping up with PSHS and connecting everyone together with what they have to say

    PSHS Democrats
    Sponsor: Debbie O'Reilly 
    To inspire political activism, register young voters, educate students on current events and provide volunteer opportunities on local political campaigns.  

    Red Cross Club 
    Sponsor: Victoria Wright  
    To empower youth volunteers with Red Cross knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare their schools and communities to respond to emergencies

    She's The First 
    Sponsor: Carolina Reyt
    To fight gender inequality through education.

    Student Leadership in Communities (SLIC) 
    Sponsor: Ron Choi 

    Sponsor: Haekee Lee
    To spread the awareness of caring for the children in the community and around the world

    Wildcat Dance Club 
    Sponsor: Madi Jacob
    Social club to meet other students on campus who want to learn how to partner dance