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    At Plano, fulfilling students' needs are the first concern of the counselors and staff at the Counseling Center. Acting as an on-campus guardian, Plano's counselors provide a multitude of helpful services including enrolling new students, counseling students on class selections, and most of all, guiding students to their fullest potential.

    Our counselors also provide comprehensive information and advice on future decisions including college admissions, financial aid and careers.

    In addition, counselors work closely with students, parents, teachers and administrators on personal growth and issues of concern that face students on a daily basis.

    Location: The Counseling Center is located in the northern end of Building B's East Hallway.

    Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM (The Center is closed on School Holidays.)

    Phone Number: (469)752-9315
    CEEB Code: 445565



    Attention Juniors – dual enrollment deadline for Fall 2018 approaching: 

    The deadline to submit your dual credit contract to the counseling office is April 17th.   You will not be eligible to take a dual credit course through Collin College if the signed contract is not returned to the counseling office by this date.  There is an information meeting on April 9th at 6:00 pm at Plano East if you or your parents would like to attend.  Collin College registration opens on April 17th.  You must have applied to Collin College and taken the TSI exam (or be exempted) in order to register.  If you need help with this, please come to the counseling office. 


    Week One AP Exam Test Locations:

    Mon, 5/7 7:45 Chemistry B214 A - Naj
        Chemistry B216 Nan - Z
    Mon, 5/7 7:45 Spanish Literature A213 A - Mc
        Spanish Literature A215 Me - Z
    Mon, 5/7 12:15 Psychology A119 A - Bur
        Psychology A120 Bus - Davila
        Psychology A121 Davis - Gue
        Psychology A123 Gui - Hod
        Psychology A126 Hol - Ko
        Psychology A127 Kop - Man
        Psychology A128A Mar - Pa
        Psychology A128B Pe - R
        Psychology A129 S - Sp
        Psychology A133 St - Z
    Tues, 5/8 7:45 Spanish Language A208 A - Del
        Spanish Language A213 Dem - H
        Spanish Language A215  J - M
        Spanish Language A217 N - Sa
        Spanish Language A218 Sc - Z
    Tues, 5/8 12:15 Physics 1 B221 A - Z
    Tues, 5/8 12:15 Art History B2-204A A - Di
        Art History B2-204B Do - Lee
        Art History B2-203A Leu - P
        Art History B2-203B R - Z
    Wed, 5/9 7:45 English Literature A119 A - Bo
        English Literature A120 Br - Cui, A.
        English Literature A121 Cui, H.  - Fink
        English Literature A123 Finke - Jack
        English Literature A126 Jacob - Lu
        English Literature A128A Ly - Mor
        English Literature A128B Mos - Pa
        English Literature A130A Ph - Rom
        English Literature A130B Ros - Shr
        English Literature A132A Shu - U
        English Literature A132B V - Z
    Wed, 5/9 12:15 Physics 2 B221 A - Z
    Thurs, 5/10 7:45 US Government B2-203A A - C
        US Government B2-203B D - Li
        US Government B2-204A Lo- Pas
        US Government B2-204B Pat - Sp
        US Government B2-210 Sr - Z
    Thurs, 5/10 12:15 Chinese B146 A - Z
    Thurs, 5/10 12:15 Environmental Science B2-203A A - Ch
        Environmental Science B2-203B Ci - H
        Environmental Science B2-204A  J - Ra
        Environmental Science B2-204B Ri - Z
    Fri, 5/11 7:45 US History A116 A - Bena
        US History A117 Benn - Chau
        US History A119 Chaw - Doe
        US History A120 Dow - Goe
        US History A121 Gon - Hoa
        US History A123 Hod - Jo
        US History A126 Ju - Lan
        US History A127 Land - Li
        US History A128A Lo - Mb
        US History A128B Mc - Mus
        US History A129 Muy - Pate
        US History A130A Patt - Re 
        US History A130B Ri - Sc
        US History A132A Se - Sok
        US History A132B Sor - Va
        US History A133 Ve - Z
    Fri, 5/11 7:45 German Lang A215 A - Z
    Fri, 5/11 All Day Studio Art In Class  
  • Meet Our Counseling Team

  • Meet the Counselors

Lisa Brown
Director Counselor
Joel Brzezinski
Melissa Choate
Lance Davis
Grace Delgado
Becky Heslep
Mark Hundley
Giovanna James
Junie Jones
Patricia McCauley
Counselor Secretary
Jennifer Medina
Drew Obert
Dawne Niethamer
Sub Abuse Counselor