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    College Application 101 Where to start

    College 101 Presentation (or click on the above picture!)

    The college admission process can seem like an overwhelming task.  Requests for transcripts, teacher and counselor recommendations, and meeting the application deadlines are just some of the issues dealt with during the already hectic senior year. Our staff works diligently in assisting students with their goals after they graduate from Plano Senior High School.  Please contact your counselor with any questions you have or to set up a time to talk about your specific needs. 

    College Application Procedures: This handout summarizes the most common steps in this process and is a great place to start.

    College Planning Checklist: Use this as a quick way to make sure you have everything done.

    Using SchooLinks

    SchooLinks is an all-in-one student success platform that allows students to explore college and career readiness.  At Plano Senior High School, it is also an important part of the college admission process.  All students have access through an app linked to their Webdesk.  Below are some resources to help you navigate the program.

    Getting Started with SchooLinks: Video guide for Juniors as well as Seniors who are using SchooLinks for the first time and want to explore the features

    SchoolLinks College Application Process: Step-by-step guide for using SchooLinks to organize your college applications, request transcripts and letters of recommendations 

    Submitting the Application

    • Complete the college or university’s application for admission using Apply Texas, The Common App, or the school’s individual application website.
    • Submit ACT, SAT or TSI scores to the school (these are NOT on your transcript!)
    • Apply for Financial Aid as needed.
    • Make sure you are meeting both admission and financial aid deadlines. 

    Requesting a Transcript

    • Log in to SchooLinks and from the dashboard, select “Colleges” and then “College Applications.”
    • Complete the set-up information with your home address, personal email, and FERPA Waivers
    • Select “+ Add Application”
    • Follow the prompts to add your schools. It will automatically request a transcript when you add a school
    • For more information visit the Registrar's Page.

    Requesting a Counselor / Teacher Recommendation

    Counselor Recommendation Form

    Students requiring a Counselor Recommendation will need to complete the Counselor Recommendation Form and submit it to their counselor at least 3 weeks before the recommendation letter or counselor report is due. 

    Students needing a Teacher Recommendation must first ask the teacher if he/she is willing to write the recommendation letter.  If so, the student needs to then send the teacher a recommendation request through their SchoolLinks account.  However, some schools (such as UT and Texas A&M) require letters to be submitted directly to them.  Ask your counselor if you’re unsure how to submit recommendation letters. 

    Activities Resume

    Sample Activities Resume

    How to Write a High School Resume

    The Activities Resume is an informal part of your application. The purpose of the activities resume is to highlight personal achievements and provide admissions officers with information about you that is not included on the academic transcript.