• General Schedule Change Procedure:



    Now until Jan. 13th, students are able to request course changes to their second semester schedule. Please fill out this google FORMVisit this link for a list of JHS Courses: https://tinyurl.com/JHSCourses23. Please be mindful of the difference between one semester electives and full year electives.


    Requesting a change does not guarantee a change can be made and is subject to seat availability. We also cannot guarantee certain class periods. Please note that a schedule change for one course may affect the placement of other courses and/or changes teachers in a student’s schedule. 


    Balance your academics, activities, family and social obligations. Please be careful and avoid overloading your schedule with too many advanced courses. 


    Procedures for parent request for teacher change during the year (Beginning week 3)

    1. Parent conference with the teacher and student. (Face to face meeting with teacher, parent, and student)
    2. If the parent and student still feel a change would be best after two weeks have passed since the initial meeting with the teacher, teacher change request paperwork must be completed with the counselor. 
    3. Parent conference with the teacher, department head, and student.  This meeting will be to create an action plan moving forward. 
    4. There will be a two week action plan period to attempt to remediate concerns following the parent/department chair/teacher/student conference.
    5. If issues persist after steps 1-4, schedule changes will be evaluated by a campus administrator.

    Requests for a particular teacher will not be granted.  In addition, teacher changes may not occur if seat availability and teacher course load inhibit ability for the change.