• Additional Mathematics Courses

  • Geometry

    Prerequisite:Algebra I
    The study of axiomatic systems; lines, segments and angles; triangles; other polygons; circles; solid geometry; and measurement.

  • Math Models

    Prerequisites: Algebra I
    This course is the study of problem solving and decision making related to earning, spending, borrowing, and investing money. Topics are addressed at an advanced level and include mathematical topics such as mathematical modeling, linear programming, ratio and proportion, systems of equations and inequalities, probability and statistics, and geometric progressions. Computer graphing techniques and spreadsheets are used.

  • AP Statistics

    Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus or concurrently enrolled in Pre-Calculus
    Statistics AP is built around four main topics: exploring data, planning a study, understanding probability theory, and acquiring critical inferential reasoning skills. Students will actively participate in both short and long-term "hands-on" projects. TI-83 calculators and various computer programs will be used on a regular basis. This course prepares the student to take the Advanced Placement exam.

  • Statistics

    Prerequisites: Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. The on-level Statistics course provides the experience of statistics without the AP level of rigor. This course serves as an alternative to Precalculus for students with an interest in or future plans involving statistics.

  • Advanced Quantitative Reasoning

    Prerequisite: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
    Advanced Quantitative Reasoning builds on and extends what students have learned and covers other mathematical topics not typically taught in high school. The course reinforces needed skills as students study new topics in relevant, engaging contexts. This course also helps students develop college and career skills such as collaboration, conducting research, and making presentations.