• Additional Special Education Courses

  • Making Connections

    Through direct instruction, role-play activities, and interactive group work, students develop positive, age-appropriate intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and learn how to generalize those skills across settings. Topics addressed include following directions, understanding feelings and unwritten rules, respect, accepting differences, compassion, honesty, responsibility, perseverance, cooperation, friendship, dealing with bullies, and conflict resolution.

David "Zach" Summers
Special Education

  • Vocational Courses - Work Experience Class (WEC)

    Elective courses designed to give students an opportunity to earn academic credit while completing a successful experience at an approved paid work-site with regularly scheduled direct involvement by VAC Coordinator. The primary goal of this individualized instructional setting is to provide an opportunity for career exploration, vocational experience and career enhancement. The Vocational Adjustment Coordinator has scheduled jobsite visits and scheduled office visits to discuss work evaluation, employment time sheets and career exploration opportunities. Students enrolled in this course provide their own transportation. This course is available through ARD committee decision to meet employability goals or enhance job skills.

Christie Blalock
Special Education